Next-Gen Horticulture LED Lighting

Active Grow is an LED lighting manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington, that works directly with experienced growers to develop the next-generation of horticulture LED lamps and luminaires. Active Grow LED lights are engineered to commercial standards and designed to outperform traditional HPS, HID and fluorescent grow lights. Save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and surpass your production goals today with Active Grow.

Energy Saving

Saves up to 50% in electricity costs compared to traditional HPS and HID lamps. One 300 watt SG300 fixture replaces a 600 watt HPS lamp and two SG300 fixtures replaces a 1000 watt HPS lamp.

Efficient PPF and Uniform PPFD Output

Features excellent electrical efficiency up to 3 μmol/J at 18'' above the plant canopy. Proprietary ultra-transparent optics ensure deep penetration and a uniform coverage area.

Active Spectrum™

Active Grow's 370-730 nm Active Spectrum™ promotes growth during all stages of photosynthesis for various species of plants, from seed to vegging to flowering. The overall lighting structure was formulated specifically to promote A and B chlorophylls as well as essential carotenoids.

Extra Long Lifetime

The solid-state SG300 uses no moving parts and only high-end components allowing for a 70,000 hour lifetime.

Passive Cooling Heatsink

All aluminum passive cooling heatsink helps keep your growing space cool while maintaining efficient light output over the course of the fixture's lifetime.


IP65 rated for use in humid and wet locations like greenhouses and growth chambers.