Active Grow | Sustainable horticultural lighting

Active Grow is a horticultural lighting manufacturer dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for growers that want to save energy and grow smarter.  Compared to traditional HPS, HID and fluorescent grow lights, Active Grow LED lighting systems use less energy, have higher photon efficacy and utilize more effective spectrums for plant growth. Active Grow LED horticulture lights are industry recognized for their design and are built to commercial grade quality for use by every type of grower. 

Save Energy

Active Grow LED lights use 40-60% less energy compared to traditional grow lights so growers achieve a quick return on investment. Most Active Grow products pay for themselves entirely within 2 years and savings continue afterward. Active Grow lights also emit less heat so HVAC usage can be cut in half.

Longer Lifetime

Active Grow LED light lifetimes are up to 7 times longer than traditional grow lamps and luminaries. Longer lifetimes means big savings on maintenance costs associated with replacing HPS, HID and fluorescent lamps.

Increase Your Grow Space

Active Grow LED lights use less power and therefore expel less heat (BTUs) compared to traditional grow lights. Less BTUs from lighting allows growers to utilize vertical racking systems to double or even triple their canopy space. 

Surpass Your Production Goals

Active Grow works directly with professional commercial growers in the USA and Canada and take a results-oriented approach when developing lighting systems. Through photobiological testing, Active Grow provides detailed reports on how to best utilize LED lighting in order to sustainably achieve higher yields, higher quality flowers and faster grow cycles.

Continued Support

Active Grow’s main goal is to provide growers with products and customer service that results in long-term partnerships. Active Grow can also give lighting design support and engineer customized solutions that meet an applications’ specific PPFD and DLI requirements. Active Grow can also find out if your project is qualified for utility rebate opportunities and have you saving more right away. Call now for a FREE initial energy savings calculation.

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