Active Grow SG300 LED Grow Light Vs. Industry Leading DE HPS Lamp Time-lapse Video

Active Grow SG300 LED Grow Light Vs. Industry Leading DE HPS Lamp Time-lapse Video

Seattle, WA, July 24th, Active Grow LLC, the next-gen grow lighting company, partnered with Grüne Blume Farms in Eureka, California, to do a full cycle legal cannabis grow using 2×300 watt Active Grow SG300 LED grow lights and an industry leading 1000 watt double-ended HPS lamp. The test was done in a controlled environment where the LED side and the HPS side of the grow area had the same strain and number of plants and the plants experienced the same conditions over the course of the entire grow. Each side of the grow area was 6’x4′ wide (the largest recommended area for one double-ended 1000W HPS lamp) and a wall was setup between both grow areas to avoid any light crossover. At the end of the 3 month grow the flower content was dried, trimmed, and weighed in the same method for both sides. As seen in the video here the results of the grow are displayed clearly.

Not only did the Active Grow SG300 luminaires use 40% less energy than the industry leading double-ended HPS but the dry plant flower content that was produced at the end of the grow was 25% more than that of the double-ended HPS side. This was in part due to the SG300’s industry leading efficiency of 3 μmol’s per joule at 18” above the plant canopy. Also, the SG300’s ultra-transparent optics ensured an evenly distributed PPFD light output and deep canopy penetration over the 6’×4′ area. The assistance of the SG300’s Active Spectrum™ resulted in healthy plant growth from early vegging to late flowering.

Angus Funkhouser, Master Grower of Grüne Blume Farms had this to say about the results of the test. “With all the energy this industry squanders on HPS and HID grow lights, I’m pretty excited about the future and working with Active Grow LEDs.” 

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Not sure what makes an effective horticulture LED luminaire? Learn more about photon electrical efficiency, PPFD, PBAR, and other horticulture lighting terminology from Active Grow here.

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