CLED E39 Base LED Grow Lamp – Sun White Spectrum
CLED E39 Base LED Grow Lamp – Sun White Spectrum
CLED E39 Base LED Grow Lamp – Sun White Spectrum
CLED E39 Base LED Grow Lamp – Sun White Spectrum
CLED E39 Base LED Grow Lamp – Sun White Spectrum
CLED E39 Base LED Grow Lamp – Sun White Spectrum
CLED E39 Base LED Grow Lamp – Sun White Spectrum

CLED E39 Base LED Grow Lamp – Sun White Spectrum

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Our CLED grow lamp is excellent for indoor, greenhouse or interlighting applications, as supplemental lighting or to extend plant photoperiods

  • 1:1 CFL form factor for mogul base grow light fixtures
  • Boosts chlorophyll absorption rates
  • High CRI light mimics natural sunlight conditions
  • Easy screw-in installation 
  • Saves 55% energy compared to CFL lamps
  • Omnidirectional beam angle directs light evenly around the lamp

🌱 Leafy greens
🌱 Herbs
🌱 Flowers
🌱 Vegetables
🌱 Tropical plants
🌱 Carnivorous plants
🌱 Hemp
🌱 Cannabis

1x 65W CLED E39 Base LED Grow Lamp
1x Lamp installation guide

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Better Light Spectrums = Better Plant Growth

Research engineered light recipes for your plant type & growth stage
Sun White Spectrum

This all-natural light spectrum boosts healthy growth rates for house plants, microgreens, flowers, fruits and more. By mimicking sunlight conditions with a high CRI of 95, the Sun White Spectrum will make your garden look more vivid and it will be easier to detect pests and deficiencies before they spread. This truly full-spectrum light extends beyond the traditional PAR range (400-700 nm) to include far-red wavelengths that increase photosynthesis rates via the Emerson Effect.

Ready to Grow
This E39 mogul base LED grow lamp is designed to work in standard single-lamp fixtures like the Fluorowing, Econo Wing and others. Simple screw-in installation, 1:1 CFL form factor and universal voltage 120-277V compatibility. *NOT FOR USE WITH BALLASTS.

Sustainable Horticultural Lighting
Replaces up to 150W CFL lamps. Uses Uses 55% less energy than a 150W CFL and emits less heat, providing savings of over $255 in energy costs over the lifetime of the lamp.

Plant Centric Design
Designed specifically for horticulture use with a 100% more effective spectrum for plant growth and a high PBAR (280-800nm) output and efficacy.

360° Beam Angle
The lamp’s omnidirectional light output provides 360° of evenly diffused light.

Long Lifetime & Guarantee
Features an exceptional 25,000-hour lifetime and a 1-year warranty. Active Grow is locally based in Seattle, WA providing same day response and friendly support.

Certified Safe
All lamp components and manufacturing processes meet the highest industry safety standards.

Rebates Available
This LED retrofit solution may be eligible to receive large utility rebates for commercial projects. Contact us to learn more.

  • Model number: AG/65CLED/E39/WS
  • Base: E39
  • Power: 65 watts
  • Input voltage: 120-277V 50-60Hz
  • Rated power factor: >95%
  • PPF output (400-700 nm): 117 µmol/s
  • PBAR output (280-800 nm): 125 µmol/s
  • PPF efficacy: 1.80 µmol/J
  • PBAR efficacy: 1.93 µmol/J
  • Spectrum: Sun White Spectrum
  • CRI: 95 (typical)
  • Dimensions: 4.7"x13.8" (120x350mm)
  • Weight: 1.29 lbs (584 g)
  • Dimmable: No
  • Lifetime: 25,000 hours
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
M.H. (Seattle, US)
Butterfly House at Pacific science center

We love our 25 active grow lights.


Samuel Kerschbaumer

Good product, fast shipping and worth the investment. The plants reacted noticeably to the light after just 2 days. Very happy with the progress. Hoping for some good growth and high yields.
Don't forget that the plug of the bulb is larger than standard household light bulbs, so you might need an adapter to fit it into your lamp. Consider also the maximal Watts that your lamp is able to provide to the bulb otherwise you will have reduced brightness.
Also, since you are only buying the light bulb and not the lamp i advise you to think/plan where/how you want to position the light beforehand.
No reflective shield is included to maximize the output onto your plants which is especially important for indoor growth.

William Kelly

It's a horticultural bulb, mogul base used with the gull wing. Arrived quickly and unbroken, which made me very happy. The bulb is energy efficient, puts off less heat and is very bright. I still can't see, lol.


Great lamp! Very happy with the light output and it fits my fixture perfectly!

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