Active Grow Celebrates Earth Day with Earth Heart Growers

Active Grow Celebrates Earth Day with Earth Heart Growers

As we celebrate Earth Day, we are excited to spotlight the wonderful initiatives of Earth Heart Growers (EHG), a valued 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Through our engagement with 1% for the Planet, Active Grow is honored to support EHG's mission. They passionately engage communities and students in diverse programs focused on gardening, cooking, sustainability and farm-to-table experiences, fostering "hands-in-dirt" experiences that enrich education and build sustainable, healthy habits.

About Earth Heart Growers

Earth Heart Growers connects students and the community with nature through comprehensive programs in Johns Island, SC. They offer more than just lessons in gardening and agriculture; their curriculum includes cooking and sustainability education, creating future chefs, foodies and farmers.

Their initiatives cultivate an eco-friendly community and empower volunteers through meaningful, hands-on learning experiences. Some of their trainings and workshops include Mindful Seed, Fun Pan cooking class, Joseph Fields Farm field trip and more.

Expansion & Educational Support at Hursey with Active Growโ€™s Contribution

Active Grow's contributions have been pivotal in expanding the educational facilities and programming at the Hursey site. With our support, EHG plans to add an additional 4-6 garden beds to the existing 8. This expansion allows more students to engage in planting a variety of organic seedlings, including tomatoes, squashes, and vibrant flowers like cosmos and zinnias.

Educator Engagement & Impact

The Garden Teacher Training this year, funded by Active Grow, provided rich, hands-on experiences for educators. This initiative is a prime example of how targeted support can foster significant educational outcomes, enriching both teachers' and students' learning environments.

"Coming into this training, I wasn't quite sure what it would be about. I loved spending time outside and the farm to table aspect. I thought it was great to learn about farming/gardening on a farm instead of in a more 'conference' environment. The curriculum was a great take away and that will be helpful in our classroom."

- Shea, Teacher at N.E. Miles Early Childhood Development Center -

Harvesting Knowledge at Still Water Montessori

Students at Still Water Montessori recently enjoyed the fruits of their labor by harvesting carrots, a vivid demonstration of the practical application of EHG's educational approach. The activity also teaches the sustainable cycle of growth, evident as they prepare new beds for more plantings.

From Student to Mentor: Gabby Smith's Inspiring Story

Gabby Smith has evolved from a student in EHGโ€™s programs to a chef instructor, embodying the sustainable and impactful nature of their education. Her journey shows how practical learning can lead to lifelong skills and inspire others.

Happy Earth Day!

The ethos of Earth Day inspires us all year round, and through our support for Earth Heart Growers, Active Grow is proud to help sustain these values in the community.

We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing our support for these educational programs, helping to expand and deepen their impact.