Empowering Communities with Hydroponic LED Grow Lights

Empowering Communities with Hydroponic LED Grow Lights

As we reflect on Earth Day and the many initiatives we support during Earth Month, Active Grow is excited to showcase a transformative project led by a young Life Scout from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This story highlights the impact of community engagement and sustainable technology, with a special focus on how Active Growโ€™s contributions are nurturing green initiatives.

Greg Troisi's Journey to Eagle Scout

Greg Troisi, a dedicated junior at Regis High School and a Life Scout with Troop 175, has been involved in scouting since first grade. His ongoing journey towards earning the highest scouting award, the Eagle Scout, involved conceptualizing and executing a service project that would significantly benefit his community. Inspired by the effectiveness of a hydroponic system his family built at home, Greg decided to implement a similar system for a local homeless and addiction shelter, Hope Gospel Mission.

Active Grow Lights up the Project

To make Greg's ambitious project a reality, he required substantial resources and collaboration. Recognizing the potential impact of his initiative, Active Grow was approached and contributed high-quality LED grow light fixtures, crucial for the hydroponic system's success. "Had it not been for Active Grows generosity, I donโ€™t think this project wouldโ€™ve come to fruition," says Greg.

This donation was instrumental in enabling the shelter to cultivate fresh vegetables throughout the year, thereby decreasing their food expenditures and allowing them to allocate funds to other essential services. "The goal of this project was to create a mainly self-sustaining system that would last all year round. With the decrease in the need to buy fresh vegetables, the homeless shelter we donated to could use the remaining funds for the other needs of the residents," explains Greg.

Building the Hydroponic System

The project took meticulous planning and a collaborative effort from about seven scouts and adults, spanning nearly a year from conception to completion. The LED hydroponic system now provides Hope Gospel Mission's residents with a continuous supply of fresh lettuce, herbs and spices like cilantro, parsley and oregano.

The Impact at Hope Gospel Mission

Managed by Hopeโ€™s kitchen staff, the hydroponic system has become a cornerstone of the shelter's food service, integrating freshly grown produce directly into meals. This not only enhances the nutritional value of the food served but also educates and inspires residents about the benefits of sustainable agriculture.

Even though Greg's project is complete, he still takes time to visit the shelter. "My Dad and I will occasionally stop in to see how the system is holding up, but it has become a regular part of Hope, and, to my hope, will continue to be for many years to come," says Greg.

Educational Growth

Greg's project did more than just provide fresh produce; it was a profound learning experience for him and his fellow scouts. "Prior to this project, I understood the basics of gardening, and that was it. It was a learning experience, and showed me a new field I had never looked into before," says Greg.

A Model for Sustainable Innovation

Active Grow is proud to be part of initiatives like Greg Troisiโ€™s hydroponic system project that align with our commitment to sustainability and community support. His success at Hope Gospel Mission is a shining example of how innovative thinking and community cooperation can result in impactful environmental solutions.

As we celebrate Earth Month, let's continue to support and inspire each other to think creatively about sustainability. We look forward to fostering more projects that empower young leaders like Greg and make a lasting difference in communities worldwide.