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Top 10 Plants to Start Indoors from Seed

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When I started growing microgreens I decided to up my veggie start game. They are all growing and thriving - crazy! I can't cull my seedlings because they're all vigorous and healthy so here I am... 4 weeks before last frost with too many starts, not enough space!

Alison R.

Well made and excellent for vegetable seedlings. I use a plant light mostly to grow vegetable seedlings to plant in my garden. With previous lights, my seedlings tended to be tall and spindly. This year I bought the 4 lamp fixture with the sun white spectrum. It is far brighter than my previous lights. Seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables were by far the best I've ever grown--fast-growing, compact plants with strong stems and excellent leaf color. The fixture is very solidly constructed and was easy to hang with a chain to adjust the height.


Exactly What I Wanted. I searched locally for this kind of light with no success. After weeks of researching, I finally settled on this product. With the constant source of light, I now have seedlings sprouting and I couldn't be happier.


I did a test with a flat of 1/3 broccoli, 1/3 kale, & 1/3 cauliflower seeds under my old led grow bulbs (6000k), with 4 bulbs, 4 years old, and a flat of the same seeds under the Active Grow Sun White Pro Spectrum bulbs, with 2 bulbs. They both grew the same. The Active Grow bulbs effectively put out twice the light as my old bulbs. That is what I call great performance.

Jerry S.

Great Product. Impressed with this product. My Bell peppers have done incredibly well under this light. Ordered a second light, have the 2 foot and 4 foot light. Seedlings grew so fast, needed the larger light to allow for them to spread out. The pepper plant leaves are broader than what I've grown under fluorescent T5. Another benefit, my plants are not leggy. Stalks are nice and thick. You can pull the light close to the plants after they sprout which was great at first. Eventually moved the light about 18" above them as they have grown larger and continue to grow. Plants have a nice bush appearance. Also obtained great results with parsley and am now staring cabbage, tomatoes, basil and believe they will do just as well. This light definitely has given me a jump on the growing season which can be tempermental at times where I live.

Emily G