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Active Grow is a lighting manufacturer developing sustainable solutions for cultivators that care about how they grow and how it impacts the environment. Our goal is to help cultivators save energy, lower their carbon footprint and surpass their production goals. We do this by utilizing the latest solid-state technology to lower energy usage while increasing photon efficacy and by engineering formulated plant growth spectrums in all of our products. The process is continuous and so is the support you can expect from our team towards your success. Click on the link below and learn how the next generation of horticultural lighting systems can change the way you grow for the better.

Active Grow Sustainable Horticultural Lighting Solutions

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"I’ve been using T5 HO lamps for a while now as my primary light source. I thought I had my spectrum close to dialed in with a mix of different lamps. I had my doubts. I decided to switch over to these T5 HO Sun White Spectrum LEDs and was quickly blown away by the response in my garden. Deeper greens, thicker leaves, tighter growth patterns, everything. The spectrum these lamps produce has been a total game-changer."

Todd LitzCommercial Grower

"Active Grow has an edge on the competition in the LED market. Their products have great canopy penetration and they don't cause heat stress to the plants and keep the overall room temperature controllable. The SG300 is waterproof, efficient and produces a great size and density for flowers. Go with this brand."

ChrisCommercial Grower

“I’ve been experimenting with the Active Grow T5 HO LED horticultural lamps for a few months now, and my plants are super happy. Just plug them straight into a fluorescent fixture and they are ready to go. For the price and quality, I haven’t seen a better deal.”

Jennifer MartinOwner of

"Great business to deal with. The SG300 LED gives superior growth in my hydroponic herb garden. I highly recommend them."

Jerry MeislikHome Grower