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T8 HO 3FT 6 Lamp Horticultural Fixture – Sun White / Red Bloom Mixed Spectrum

$219.95 exc tax
The Active Grow T8 HO Horticultural Fixture comes prewired and ready for use with Active Grow T8 HO Ballast Bypass Universal Voltage (120-277V) Lamps. Active Grow T8 HO LED grow lights feature lower power consumption, 30% higher photon output and 100% more effective spectrums for plant growth vs. traditional fluorescent lamps. Without the need for ballasts the fixture features lower heat, no buzzing of electricity, no flickering of lamps and a much longer product lifetime. The fixture can be connected via daisy-chain for up to 4 fixtures on one 120V circuit. Comes with dual on-off switches so you can run 3 or all 6 lamps at a time. Covers a 3x3 foot area. For use in various hydroponic applications.