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14W T8 HO 3FT Horticultural Lamp – Red Bloom Spectrum

The Active Grow 14W T8 3FT High-Output Horticultural Lamp is an LED tube that replaces 23W/30W T8/T12 fluorescent lamps and features 30% higher PPF output, lower power consumption and 100% more effective spectrums for plant growth. The T8 LED Horticultural Lamp has a 190° beam angle for wide light distribution and runs cool, so it can be placed closer to plants and save space. All Active Grow T8 LED tubes work with existing T8 or T12 fluorescent light fixtures by bypassing the ballast and wiring to single-ended power on universal 120-277 voltage. Without the need for a ballast these lamps do not flicker, buzz or experience longevity issues. T8 fixtures require non-shunted lamp holders (tombstones) and are non-dimmable.

T8 HO 3FT 6 Lamp Horticultural Fixture – Sun White / Red Bloom Mixed Spectrum

$219.95 exc tax
The Active Grow T8 HO Horticultural Fixture comes prewired and ready for use with Active Grow T8 HO Ballast Bypass Universal Voltage (120-277V) Lamps. Active Grow T8 HO LED grow lights feature lower power consumption, 30% higher photon output and 100% more effective spectrums for plant growth vs. traditional fluorescent lamps. Without the need for ballasts the fixture features lower heat, no buzzing of electricity, no flickering of lamps and a much longer product lifetime. The fixture can be connected via daisy-chain for up to 4 fixtures on one 120V circuit. Comes with dual on-off switches so you can run 3 or all 6 lamps at a time. Covers a 3x3 foot area. For use in various hydroponic applications.