650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V
650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V
650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V
650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V
650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V
650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V
650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V
650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V
650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V
650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V

650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light 208-480V

Choose Your Voltage: 208-480V
Maximize your commercial cultivation success with the LoPro Max 3.0 Grow Lights, boasting enhanced output & efficacy in a sleek, lightweight & foldable design
  • Top-tier 3.1 µmol/J efficacy
  • Perfect for both retrofit & new builds: grow benches, sea of green, vertical racks & beyond
  • Sun White Pro + Spectrum: Enhanced blue for tighter internodal spacing & richer terpenes; balanced red for robust flowering; high CRI value of 94 enhances visual clarity for garden work
  • 3312 LED chips: Having a higher chip count lets LEDs run lower & increases longevity
  • Consistent light spread & deep canopy penetration
  • Easy store & transport with a foldable hinge
  • Ultra-sleek design with built-in drivers maximizes vertical space
  • Smart controller ready & 0-10V dimmable
  • IP66 rated for damp & humid conditions
  • Premium components ensure unwavering performance
  • ETL & DLC listed for commercial farms

Please reach out to us directly for commercial project pricing and customization options using the Request a quote form above.

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🌱 Hemp
🌱 Flowers
🌱 Fruits
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🌱 Legumes
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The 650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light provides uniform light coverage for up to a 5'x5' area for medium light-high light level requirement plants (at 36" above the plant canopy) and a 4'x4' area for high light level requirement plants (at 18" above the plant canopy). For larger spaces where light crossover will come into play, please contact us to help dial in the correct number of fixtures required to achieve healthy light levels for your plant type and application.

Active Grow proudly participates in the 1% for the Planet® program and donates 1% of all annual sales to organizations that promote sustainable agricultural practices.  

Better Light Spectrums = Better Plant Growth

Research engineered light recipes for your plant type & growth stage
Sun White Pro + Spectrum

Ideal for growing plants from start to finish with increased blue light for tighter internodal spacing and higher terpene content as well as balanced red light for healthy flowering rates.

Sustainable Horticultural Lighting
Replaces 1000W HPS lights in vertical racking or sea of green applications. Uses 41% less energy, greatly reducing heat output, HVAC costs and the need for more vertical space. Provides savings of up to $2700 in energy costs over the lifetime of the fixture. The foldable design makes storing, transporting and installing the fixture convenient and hassle free.

Plant Centric Design
Each fixture uses premium chipsets for maximum light output, uniform light coverage and deep canopy penetration for high DLI requirement plants.

Lightweight & Low Profile
The 650W LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Light is a lightweight horticultural fixture that features a super thin design (2.56") with internal concealed drivers that allows it to go to work in minimal clearance vertical racking systems.

0-10V Dimming
Fully compatible with Active Grow’s Plant Lighting Smart Controller and 0-10V dimmers.

Daisy Chainable Power & Dimming
Dim multiple fixtures with Active Grow’s Plant Lighting Smart Controller.

IP66 Rated
IP66 rated components protect the fixture from dust and water exposure commonly encountered in most CEA applications.

Long Lifetime & Guarantee
Features an exceptional 50,000-hour lifetime and a 5-year warranty. Active Grow is locally based in Seattle, WA providing same day response and friendly support.

ETL & DLC Listed
All fixture components and manufacturing processes meet the highest industry safety and performance standards.

Rebates Available
This LED fixture may be eligible to receive large utility rebates for commercial projects. Contact us to learn more.

  • Model number: AG/650LPM3/FS/480V
  • Power: 650 watts
  • Coverage area: 4'x4' (Flower) 5'x5' (Vegetative)
  • Input voltage: 208-480V 50-60Hz
  • Amperage: 208V (3.1A) / 240V (2.7A) / 277V (2.3A) / 480V (1.4A)
  • Rated power factor: >95%
  • Light distribution: 120°
  • Thermal management: Passive
  • PPF output (400-700 nm): 1936 µmol/s
  • PBAR output (280-800 nm): 1969 µmol/s
  • PPF efficacy: 3.06 µmol/J
  • PBAR efficacy: 3.11 µmol/J
  • Spectrum: Sun White Pro + Spectrum (other spectrum options available upon request)
  • CRI: 94 (typical)
  • Dimensions: 42"x42"x2.56" (1067x1067x65mm)
  • Weight: 26.46 lbs (12 kg)
  • Mounting height: 6-36" (152-914mm)
  • Dimmable: 0-10V hardwire / Smart controller
  • Daisy chainable power: Yes (MTO)
  • Daisy chainable dimming: Yes
  • Smart controller compatible: Yes
  • IP rating: IP66
  • Max ambient temp.: 113°F / 45°C
  • Heat load: 2213 BTU/hr
  • THD: <10%
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Certifications: ETL, DLC
  • Accessories included: 2 Y-hangers, 8.2' (2.5m) 480V power cord with pigtails, 0-10V dimming cable
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How to Grow Better with High CRI LED Grow Lighting

In the evolving landscape of indoor gardening, the quest for the perfect grow light is paramount. The right lighting not only influences plant health and yield but also the overall management and enjoyment of the garden. Among the myriad of options available, high Color Rendering Index (CRI) LED grow lighting has emerged as a game-changer, offering benefits that closely mimic natural sunlight.

Active Grow Launches LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Lights, Setting New Standards in Grow Light Efficiency

Active Grow, the leader in sustainable horticultural lighting solutions, is proud to announce the release of its latest innovation, the LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Lights. Available in 800W and 650W models, the fixtures achieve an unprecedented efficacy of 3.1 µmol/J, making them the industry's highest efficacy bar style LED grow lights.

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