Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum
Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum
Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum
Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum
Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum
Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum
Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum
Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum

Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum

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Choose Your Spectrum: Sun White
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Our versatile, polycarbonate grow lights guarantee higher germination rates & faster growth cycles

  • Grow consistent & uniform trays of plants
  • Easy on-off switch
  • Low heat output is safe for plants & growers
  • Easy to clean & complements any home décor
  • Simply daisy-chain or connect end-to-end for a clean installation
  • Save 60% on energy costs
  • Exceptional 40,000-hour lifetime

🌱 Tissue culture
🌱 Microgreens
🌱 Succulents
🌱 Leafy greens
🌱 Herbs
🌱 Flowers
🌱 Carnivorous plants
🌱 Cannabis veg & clones

2x 10W Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Lights with integrated LED tubes (non-replaceable)
2x 5′ 120V power cords
2x 2′ daisy chain cables
2x End-to-end daisy chain connector pieces
4x Eyelet screws and anchors
1x Fixture installation guide

The Integrated Strip T5 2FT LED Grow Light (2-Pack) provides uniform light coverage for up to a 2'x2' area for low light light level requirement plants (at 12" above the plant canopy) and an 18"x2' area for medium light requirement plants (at 9" above the plant canopy). For larger spaces where light crossover will come into play, please contact us to help dial in the correct number of fixtures required to achieve healthy light levels for your plant type and application.

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Better Light Spectrums = Better Plant Growth

Research engineered light recipes for your plant type & growth stage
Sun White Spectrum

The spectrum that started it all and can grow almost anything is a full-spectrum light formulated to mimic natural sunlight conditions and is ideal for every stage of plant growth. High CRI 95 light accentuates plant coloration and makes visual inspection easier. Includes 660 nm (red) and 730 nm (far-red) wavelengths to boost photosynthesis rates via the Emerson Effect.

Featured Review

CJ from On the Grow tests the Active Grow Integrated Strip T5 LED Grow Lights for growing broccoli microgreens and examines coloration, harvest weight, energy usage and flavor.

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Ready to Grow
This LED grow light fixture features a single integrated tube (non-replaceable), built-in on-off switch and universal voltage 120-277V compatibility.

Sustainable Horticultural Lighting
Replaces 24W T5 HO 2FT fluorescent lamps. Uses 60% less energy, greatly reducing heat output, HVAC costs and the need for more vertical space. Provides savings of up to $75 in energy costs over the lifetime of the fixture.

Plant Centric Design
Designed specifically for horticulture use with a 100% more effective spectrum for plant growth and a high PBAR (280-800nm) output and efficacy.

Seamless Connectivity
Connect up to 48 fixtures @120V, 80@208V, 95@240V or 100@277V on one circuit to make for an easier and cleaner installation. Fixtures connect end-to-end or via daisy-chain cable (installation accessories provided).

Uniform Light Output
Integrated tube design and built-in reflectors guarantee a wide beam angle and uniform light distribution even at close distances.

Long Lifetime & Guarantee
Features an exceptional 40,000-hour lifetime and a 3-year warranty. Active Grow is locally based in Seattle, WA providing same day response and friendly support.

Certified Safe
All fixture components and manufacturing processes meet the highest industry safety standards.

Rebates Available
This LED fixture may be eligible to receive large utility rebates for commercial projects. Contact us to learn more.

  • Model number: AG/10STRIP/2FT/WS
  • Power: 10 watts
  • Input voltage: 120-277V 50-60Hz
  • Rated power factor: >95%
  • PPF output (400-700 nm): 18 µmol/s
  • PBAR output (280-800 nm): 19 µmol/s
  • PPF efficacy: 1.80 µmol/J
  • PBAR efficacy: 1.93 µmol/J
  • Spectrum: Sun White Spectrum
  • CRI: 95 (typical)
  • Daisy chain capable: Yes (max 48@120V/80@208V/95@240V/100@277V)
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 23.62"x2.76"x1.77" (600x70x45mm)
  • Weight: 1.28 lbs (580 g)
  • Dimmable: No
  • Lifetime: 40,000 hours
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Optional accessories: 240V plug adapter

Interview with a Microgreens Grower

See how Bobby, the Owner of Vista Microgreens, uses Active Grow LED grow lights to improve the quality, taste and consistency of his microgreens.

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Grower Product Review

Amber from Fairly Local Family reviews the Active Grow Integrated Dual T8 LED Grow Lights and Integrated Strip T5 LED Grow Lights for seed starting in Sun White Pro, Sun White and Red Bloom Pro spectrums.

Grower Product Review

Corey from CoreysCave reviews the Active Grow Integrated Strip T5 4FT LED Grow Lights for growing microgreens indoors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rebekah W.

I have 10 of these lights now. They are doing a great job of keeping the succulents healthy and growing.


microgreens love the light. good lighting for room and great for growing microgreens

Sherry O

Worth every penny. Wonderful product! No heat at all. Very bright. So glad I took the microgreen plunge with these lights. ??


Work beautifully! I got some lights from Active Grow last month and they have been working beautifully! I put a bunch of plants in the garden already, and my tomatoes are outgrowing the space already. I'd like to buy another set of lights as I begin my adventures in microgreens and maybe hydroponics.

Lukasz Czerwinski

Highly recommend this product for growing Microgreens! I'm in the process of launching a microgreen business and spent a lot of time looking at different LED lights. This product did not disappoint and is definitely worth the investment. The lights were well packaged, all the parts were included, and the micogreens grew extremely well. Plus, I reached out to Active Grow with a few questions and they provided solid customer service. I plan to buy all my LED lights from Active Grow in the future.

V. Strahan

Great lights. These lights were PACKED extremely well, include power cord and additional cord for daisy chaining fixtures together. My seedlings are growing with great success. Very happy with the results.


Amazing light for my Orchids. I have been using these light for a month now and my Orchids are thriving. Love the sleek look, light-weight,quite and not warm to the touch, that will give me peace of mind when I travel. I love it so much that I will get back and purchase more lights. Taylor was very supportive and helpful. This is the best grow light I ever have. Highly recommended.

Erica Khan

Great LED Lights! Works perfectly for seed starting our microgreens! No issues at at ... Great product!

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