Active Grow Launches T5 HO Ballast Bypass LED Horticultural Lamps in Three New Spectrums

Active Grow Launches T5 HO Ballast Bypass LED Horticultural Lamps in Three New Spectrums

Seattle, WA, July 1, 2021, Active Grow, the sustainable horticultural lighting manufacturer, proudly announces the launch of three new horticultural spectrums for its 25W T5 HO Ballast Bypass 4FT LED Horticultural Lamp. This award-winning LED lamp is an energy efficient, 1:1 replacement for T5 HO 54W fluorescent grow lamps.

Now available in Spring Sun, Bright White and Red Bloom Pro Spectrums, Active Grow’s 25W T5 HO Ballast Bypass Lamps provide growers with even more options for specific crop types, growth stages and applications. The Spring Sun Spectrum is a high CRI 95, full-spectrum light formulated to mimic spring sun conditions for promoting plant compactness, tighter internodal spacing and healthy foliage development. The Bright White Spectrum is a full-spectrum light that offers maximum PAR (400-700 nm) efficacy for high light intensity requirement plants during the vegetative stage. The Red Bloom Pro Spectrum is a true full-spectrum light designed to increase plant mass, speed up growth and promote healthy root development, budding and fruiting in purely indoor environments.

In addition to these three new spectrums, the 25W T5 HO Ballast Bypass Lamps are also available in Sun White and Sun White Pro Spectrums. To learn more about Active Grow’s comprehensive lineup of dedicated horticultural spectrums visit the Active Grow Grow Light Academy.

Each T5 HO LED spectrum features exceptional PBAR (Plant Biologically Active Radiation 280-800 nm) output and efficacy while using 60% less energy than traditional fluorescent lamps. The lower heat output allows growers to place fixtures closer to the plants, greatly reducing the need for more vertical space. The lamp’s transparent PC body protects against water damage and shattering in tough CEA environments. Installation is easy and requires bypassing the existing ballast and rewiring to a single end. Removing the ballast eliminates buzzing, flickering, compatibility and longevity issues, providing plants with pure uninterrupted lighting.

All Active Grow T5 HO Ballast Bypass Lamps operate on universal voltage 120-277V circuits and feature 30,000-hour lifetimes.
To learn more or purchase the 25W T5 HO Ballast Bypass Horticultural Lamp visit the Active Grow website.
To watch the 25W T5 HO Ballast Bypass Horticultural Lamp product video on YouTube click here.

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