High CRI Grow Lighting

Color Rendering Index

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures a light source’s ability to accurately reproduce the colors of objects in comparison to natural sunlight (CRI 100). This 100-point scale examines 15 different R values of a light source and uses the average of R1-R8 to calculate the CRI value. Traditional grow light sources typically have low CRI values and may create uncomfortable working environments. Poor color reproduction also makes it difficult for growers to visually identify issues with plants like pests and fungus.

Other LED vs Active Grow High CRI LED

Other LED CRI <70

Active Grow LED CRI >95

Active Grow LED High CRI Spectrums

Active Grow offers various high CRI light spectrums specifically designed with both plants and growers in mind. These full-spectrum light formulas create bright, vivid grow spaces and are 100% dedicated to promoting healthy plant growth. Choose from Active Grow’s Entourage 2.0 (CRI 93), Sun White (CRI 95) and Sun White Pro (CRI 88) high CRI spectrums and stop growing in the dark.

Traditional HPS vs Active Grow High CRI LED

Traditional HPS Spectrum CRI <25

Active Grow LED Entourage 2.0 Spectrum CRI 93