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We're a team of growers, engineers & dreamers driving the innovation of LED grow lights, grow tents & environmental controls.

Active Grow Story

Lighting the way towards a sustainable planet

Our mission is to help the world transition to sustainable food and medicine production by building the horticultural solutions of the future.

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The Active Grow Advantage

Science Based Approach

We use the latest independent research from the field to continually improve our product offering based on data points like overall plant health, yield, anthocyanin production, flavonoid content & ease of use.

Grower Community First

Whether you are a horticultural research institution or a home grower we take all of our customer's feedback to heart in order to develop products that improve you & your plant's lives.

Sustainably Focused

Our goal is to help growers achieve energy efficiency, the chance to recycle their old lights & the ability to produce their own food & medicine. For every sale we also donate to 1% for the Planet® programs that promote sustainable agriculture.

Research Institutions We Work With

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