Spectrum Analysis

Spectrum Analysis

PBAR refers to Plant Biologically Active Radiation and designates the spectral range from 280–800 nm. According to the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE), PBAR covers a more substantial range of light that affects plant biology. The PBAR measurement includes the PAR band from 400–700 nm as well as the ultraviolet radiation band of 280–400 nm and the infrared radiation band of 700–800 nm. Active Grow reports both the PAR and PBAR values for all product specifications as the 280-800 nm range is becoming more widely recognized and incorporated into industry lighting standards.

Morphological Effects

UV 280-400 nm

Triggers a defense mechanism which increases essential oils in herbs and terpenes in cannabis. This protects plants from pests and disease while enhancing taste, aroma and nutrition. Encourages branching and reduces stretching. Strengthens plants for exposure to greater light intensity during transplanting.

Blue 400-500 nm

Improves overall plant health and quality including taste, aroma, color and nutrition. Helps promote plant compactness, root development and phytochemical production. Blue light is essential for driving photosynthesis when used with formulated red wavelengths.

Green 500-600 nm

Increases overall plant photosynthetic efficiency and penetrates the canopy to encourage growth of lower leaves. Makes detecting issues like pests and disease on plants easier to see.

Red 600-700 nm

Promotes plant photosynthesis and increased biomass. Essential for leaf expansion and stem growth. Helps regulate plant flowering, photoperiod and germination. Red light is essential for driving photosynthesis when used with formulated blue wavelengths.

Far-Red 700-750 nm

Promotes expansion and stretching of leaves and stems. Penetrates the canopy to encourage growth of lower leaves. When used with 660-680 nm wavelengths, plant photosynthesis rates increase via the Emerson effect.

Infrared 750-800 nm

Influences leaf size, stem length and plant height. Helps promote flowering in long-day plants. Penetrates the canopy to encourage growth of lower leaves.

Active Grow Spectrum Formulas

Sun White Pro + Spectrum

The Sun White Pro + Spectrum is a
commercial grade spectrum designed for growing plants from start to finish.
Increased blue light creates tighter internodal spacing and higher terpene
content. Balanced red light promotes healthy flowering rates.

Entourage Spectrum

The Entourage Spectrum optimizes lighting for commercial grow facilities with a perfect balance of blue, white, red and far-red wavelengths. The combination of deep red and far-red light boosts healthy growth rates and yields via a natural photosynthesis process called the Emerson Effect. Additionally, the Entourage Spectrum’s high CRI of 94 improves plant visibility, making it easy for growers to identify pests and plant deficiencies at an early stage.

Sun White Spectrum

This all-natural light spectrum boosts healthy growth rates for house plants, microgreens, flowers, fruits and more. By mimicking sunlight conditions with a high CRI of 95, the Sun White Spectrum will make your garden look more vivid and it will be easier to detect pests and deficiencies before they spread. This truly full-spectrum light extends beyond the traditional PAR range (400-700 nm) to include far-red wavelengths that increase photosynthesis rates via the Emerson Effect.

Sun White Pro Spectrum

The Sun White Pro Spectrum is a commercial grade plant production spectrum formulated with higher blue light content and dedicated 660 nm (red) light in balance to promote strong root development, tight internodal spacing, higher rates of phytochemical production and increased flavonoid content. 

Bright White Spectrum

When we say bright, we mean BRIGHT. This full-spectrum light is designed to achieve maximum PAR range (400-700 nm) efficacy for high light intensity requirement plants and is especially effective in the vegetative stage.

Blue Sun Spectrum

The coolest spectrum around features 450 nm (blue) wavelengths and full-spectrum 6500K white light designed specifically for promoting the healthy development of mushrooms during incubation and fruiting cycles.

Greenhouse Spectrum

The Greenhouse Spectrum is a commercial grade full-spectrum light formulated using 450 nm (blue), 660 nm (red) and pure white light to assist natural sunlight and improve plant growth from start to finish. This spectrum builds stronger roots, increases budding sites and delivers healthy flower and fruit production.

Red Bloom Spectrum

Far-Red wavelengths boost light absorption, speed up plant growth and combine with blue wavelengths to promote root development, budding and fruiting.

Red Bloom Pro Spectrum

Pink light is power, and not a photon is wasted with this chlorophyll-boosting, full-spectrum light that hits precisely on 450 nm (blue) and 660 nm (red) wavelengths. This spectrum also features additional far-red light that increases plant photosynthesis rates via the Emerson Effect. Designed to increase plant mass, speed up plant growth and promote healthy carotenoid development, budding and fruiting.

Red Boost Spectrum

The Red Boost Spectrum delivers heavy deep red light and blue light wavelengths to effectively boost vegetative and blooming plant mass. The results for commercial plant production facilities are larger and healthier fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Green Dream Spectrum

Soft green light with dominant 510-530 nm wavelengths ensures plants remain “asleep” during dark cycles.