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Pioneers in Sustainable Horticultural Lighting Technology

In 2016, after living in China for 8 years working with commercial LED lighting manufacturers, the owner of Active Grow, Taylor Schaberg, moved to Seattle, WA to live on a cannabis farm and test LED lighting’s effect on plant biology. Back then there was limited information on LED grow light equivalencies to traditional technology; information on PAR and PPFD was scarce; and light reaction to plant growth beyond red and blue wavelengths was non-existent. As a result, Active Grow was born out of the desire to not only build great grow lights but also to provide the clear data growers would need to understand the true capability of these lights in their garden.

To help educate and prove how LED lighting compared to older technology we drew PPFD floor maps and did spectrum comparisons for every LED lamp in development as well as the traditional lamps they were meant to replace. This was done by hanging light fixtures at the same height and testing them using a PPFD meter, a spectrometer, a ruler, a whiteboard and lots of patience. With this information we provided growers with data they could input into a DLI Calculator and determine exactly how to use these lamps and grow their specific plant type with success.

When it comes to spectrum technology, Active Grow was an early adopter of ASABE’s PBAR range (280-800 nm) on their product specifications, which are the wavelengths beyond the PAR range (400-700 nm) that effect a plant’s biology. We were the first company to design light recipes that mimic natural sunlight by utilizing High CRI Grow Lighting, believing that visual acuity of plant health is paramount to the success of overall growth. We also work directly with universities and horticultural research institutions to continually develop New Spectrums for a variety of plants, fungi and growing applications.

A core of Active Grow’s mission is promoting sustainability of the planet so we have developed LED Grow Lamps in traditional form factors for growers to use in their existing fixtures. We also want growers to know how much energy and CO₂ they are saving when switching over to LEDs so we built an Environmental Savings and Energy Calculator based on the Energy Department's guidelines. We are continually driven to provide growers with solutions to achieve self-sufficiency through vertical farming and other applications where food and medicine production uses less power, is more consistent and more reliable.

What makes Active Grow unique is we have always taken grower feedback to heart; from major universities to DIY home growers. We also take pride in providing honest specification data and sharing our years of knowledge. Our promise to our customers is we will continue to listen, experiment and improve our product offering. As a result we will always offer the latest in horticultural technology to any grower wanting access to a sustainable and thriving garden.

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