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Lighting the way since 2016

Pioneers in Sustainable Horticultural Lighting Technology

In 2016, Active Grow was founded in Seattle with a mission: to revolutionize the world of LED grow lights. In a commercial cannabis farm where early research and development was done, the founder Taylor Schaberg realized the potential of LED lighting on plant biology was largely untapped.

Active Grow emerged from this vision, committed to:

Transparency: We don't just create LED grow lights; we provide growers with clear data, using meticulous tests and comparisons, to understand their true power vs traditional lighting systems.

Innovation: We pioneer spectrum technology, designing light recipes that mimic natural sunlight using high CRI chips. In fact, the name Active Grow comes from the term Photosynthetically "Active" Radiation or PAR. Our continued collaboration with universities and research institutions keeps us at the forefront of horticultural advancements.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: We pride ourselves on crafting the highest quality, highest efficacy and longest lasting products. Meeting the highest certification standards, we ensure premium quality at the best price.

Sustainability: Our LED Grow Lamps fit traditional fixtures, promoting an eco-friendly switch. Our Environmental Savings and Energy Calculator showcases the tangible benefits of the shift from older technology to LED.

Community: From commercial cultivators to home grow hobbyists, we value feedback and prioritize honest data sharing.

Active Grow isn't just a brand; it's a promise. A promise to offer cutting-edge horticultural technology, ensuring every garden thrives sustainably.

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