Active Grow Shows How to Grow Red Lettuce Indoors with LED Strip Grow Lights

Active Grow Shows How to Grow Red Lettuce Indoors with LED Strip Grow Lights

Seattle, WA, November 30, 2021, Active Grow, the sustainable horticultural lighting manufacturer, continues its research with Cascadia Greens to find out which LED Horticultural Strip Light spectrum from Active Grow, Monios and Barrina produces the reddest coloration when growing red lettuce varieties indoor with a hydroponic rack system. Watch the video below to learn about this basic grow setup and see which spectrums are ideal for different lettuce types.

Determine which LED light spectrum or combination of spectra produces the reddest coloration in red lettuce varieties grown using an indoor hydroponic vertical rack system.

Grow 4 identical trays of different lettuce varieties under 4 different light spectra for 3 weeks. Lettuces were transplanted to rafts after 3.5 weeks of growth from seed. All trays use identical growing medium and nutrient mix and are subject to the same light cycle and environmental conditions.

LED Lighting
Rack 1: 4 x 20W Monios Strip Light
“Blurple” Spectrum
Rack 2: 4 x 20W Barrina Strip Light
“Sunlike” Spectrum
Rack 3: 4 x 22W Active Grow Strip Light
Blue Sun Spectrum
Rack 4: 4 x 22W Active Grow Strip Light
2 x Blue Sun & 2 x Red Bloom Pro Spectrum
Hanging Height: 11-12” Above Rafts
Average PPFD at 11-12”: 122-181 µmol/m2/s
Light Cycle: 16 hours/day
Average DLI: 7-10 mol/m²/day

Growing Equipment
5-Tier Vertical Rack (18”x48”x86”)
Hydroponic Trays (24”x48”)
Lettuce Rafts (36ct modified to 33ct)
Coco Coir & Peat Moss Mix
Standard Hydroponic Nutrients

Lettuce Varieties (Recommended Harvest Date)
Green Butter (55 days)
Red Oakleaf (60 days)
Red Butter (55 days)
Green Sweet Crisp (52 days)

About Active Grow
Active Grow LLC is a commercial grade horticultural lighting manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. The company works directly with experienced growers to develop the next generation of horticultural lighting systems that are energy efficient and long-lasting alternatives to HPS, HID and fluorescent grow lamps. Active Grow LED lights feature the latest technological innovations to help growers increase their yields and maximize their production. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the latest company updates and videos.