Active Grow Summer 2018 Update

Active Grow Summer 2018 Update
Seattle, WA, August 26, 2018, Active Grow, the sustainable horticultural lighting manufacturer stayed busy over the summer with booths at the O’Cannabiz Expo in Toronto, ON, the Cultivate ‘18 Expo in Columbus, OH and the Cannabiz Convention in Salem, OR. On display at the all three events were Active Grow’s latest energy saving grow light solutions for cultivators of various plant species.
In June, Active Grow attended its first Canadian based Expo in Toronto with O’Cannabiz. The O’Cannabiz Expo’s main focus is to “create global connections between cannabis related business communities in the arts, broadcasting, media and technology.” Active Grow’s President, Taylor Schaberg, was interviewed by CBC Toronto News and shared how growing at home doesn’t have to result in high energy bills with LED lighting.
In July, Active Grow attended the Cultivate ‘18 Expo in Columbus, OH, sponsored by the AmericanHort Society. The Cultivate Expo is the world’s largest greenhouse expo and “the horticulture industry’s premier event for new knowledge, products, varieties, and connections.” During the Expo in Columbus Active Grow displayed its latest HPS, HID and fluorescent lamp replacements for cultivators who grow perennials, ornamentals, orchids, fruits, leafy greens and microgreens on a commercial scale.
Active Grow at the Cultivate ’18 Conference and Expo in Columbus, Ohio
In August, Active Grow attended the Cannabiz Convention in Salem, OR, which took place on the steps of the Oregon State Capital Building. The Cannabiz Convention was an educational event for the public with B2B networking and live music. It was a great way for Active Grow to meet with local Oregonian growers and show support for the industry’s forward movement in the State.
Active Grow at the Oregon State Capital Building in Salem, Oregon
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Active Grow LLC is a commercial grade horticultural lighting manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. The company works directly with experienced growers to develop the next-generation of horticultural lighting systems that are energy efficient and long-lasting alternatives to HPS, HID and fluorescent grow lamps. Active Grow LED lights feature the latest technological innovations to help growers increase their yields and maximize their production. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for the latest company updates and videos.