AlboPepper, The Urbanized Grower Reviews Active Grow T5 HO LED Lamps

AlboPepper, The Urbanized Grower Reviews Active Grow T5 HO LED Lamps
Seattle, WA, January 30th, 2020, Active Grow, the sustainable horticultural lighting manufacturer's T5 HO LED was recently reviewed by Al Gracian of AlboPepper Urbanized Growing. The link to the full review is located here.
“The Active Grow bulbs are designed specifically for indoor growers. They’ve been used in commercial operations for production of lettuce and herb plants. My testing has revealed LED T5 HO replacements to be excellent performers! If you are running a full time operation and have been relying on T5 grow lights, I recommend running the numbers and seeing how quickly these lights could pay for themselves. If you are in a warm climate, don’t forget to account for reduced cooling costs. LED T5s make MUCH less heat.” Al Gracian of AlboPepper Urban Growing.
Check out the rest of the review located here on Al's website.
Learn more about the Active Grow T5 HO Horticultural Lamps here.
About Active Grow
Active Grow LLC is a commercial grade horticultural lighting manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. The company works directly with experienced growers to develop the next-generation of horticultural lighting systems that are energy efficient and long-lasting alternatives to HPS, HID and fluorescent grow lamps. Active Grow LED lights feature the latest technological innovations to help growers increase their yields and maximize their production. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for the latest company updates and videos.