AlboPepper, The Urbanized Grower, Reviews the New Active Grow LoPro Max Horticultural Luminaires

AlboPepper, The Urbanized Grower, Reviews the New Active Grow LoPro Max Horticultural Luminaires

Seattle, WA, June 25, 2020, Active Grow, the sustainable horticultural lighting manufacturer, recently had its new LoPro Max Series Luminaires reviewed by Al Gracian of AlboPepper Urbanized Growing. Gracian’s website,, is for urban gardeners who enjoy the science of plant growing and features independent reviews on the latest horticultural lighting technologies.

In his latest LED grow light review, Gracian takes an in-depth look at the Active Grow LoPro Max to the see if this LED luminaire can successfully replace both traditional HPS and T5 fluorescent grow lights. Gracian focuses on the LoPro Max 320W version designed to replace 400-600W HPS lights for both home and commercial growers. These high-end luminaires are UL listed, IP65 rated and designed for reliability and safety in Controlled Environment Agriculture. Watch the full review here.

When comparing the LoPro Max to traditional light sources in greenhouses, Gracian says, “Looking at the form factor, the LoPro Max (320W) has 4 strips of diodes covering a broad footprint, more consistent coverage at tighter mounting heights than HIDs. Kind of like a T5 fluorescent but much less heat per watt, and the open construction greatly improves airflow. It also means less shade effect. In a greenhouse setting, 60% of the footprint is open, allowing natural sunlight to reach your plants. All the while you get light output rivaling HPS lights.”

Gracian continues to highlight the luminaire’s versatility in replacing two different technologies by noting how the integrated rotary dimmer allows growers to replicate T5 systems when dimmed down or HPS lights when at full output. Growers can easily set light levels to match different growth stages without the need to install additional hardware. He states, “This single system can replace everything in your grow operation, starting with T5s and finishing off with HIDs. Whether you have a rack system or a sea of green application, these LEDs are an all-in-one solution.”

For the review, Gracian constructs a 48”x28” grow area with reflective sides and performs his own testing examining PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) data. He commends Active Grow’s honest replacement claims and recommends the 320W version for replacing 400W double-ended HPS lights or 600W single-ended HPS lights and the 640W version as an equivalent replacement for both 750W and 1000W HPS lights.

In order to give a more accurate account of the PPFD values, Gracian factors in the extra 7% Far-Red (700-750 nm) wavelengths present in Active Grow’s Entourage Spectrum to show the true PBAR (Plant Biologically Active Radiation) range (280-800 nm) PPFD values. Active Grow’s 320W data supports an average PPFD of 461 µmol/m2/s over an open 4’x2’ area without reflective walls or adjacent lights. In Gracian's test with reflective walls in a 48”x 28” area, the average PPFD increases significantly to 889 µmol/m2/s.

When explaining the importance of wavelengths outside the traditional PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) range (400-700 nm), Gracian says, “The LoPro Max Entourage Spectrum has diodes devoted specifically to Far-Red. When mixed with the white photons, plants experience a synergistic effect known as the Emerson Enhancement Effect. This results in even more growth than one would expect for the number of photons emitted. Plants can actually use these Far-Red photons for Photosystem I. With lettuce and leafy greens, researchers have observed substantial leaf expansion and plant mass.” For more information on Far-Red, watch this video from Dr. Bruce Bugbee from Apogee Instruments Inc. here.

Concluding his review, Gracian rates the LoPro Max highly for its open construction, ability to function as a linear light source offering even coverage at tight mounting heights and the flexibility the integrated dimmer provides. If considering replacing traditional light sources with this product, he says, “It destroys high-output T5 fluorescent lights with well over twice the efficacy, but it also keeps up with high-end HPS lights requiring notably less power.” Gracian recommends the 320W version for small-scale high-end growers with vertical racking systems and also points out it fits perfectly in a 2’x4’ grow tent. For commercial growers with larger footprints or home growers using 4’x4’ or 5’x5’ tents, he recommends the 640W as a great alternative.

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To purchase the LoPro Max horticultural luminaires visit the Active Grow website.

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