Ancient Energy Orchids Reviews the Active Grow Propagation Luminaire

Ancient Energy Orchids Reviews the Active Grow Propagation Luminaire
Seattle, WA, May 7, 2019, Active Grow, the sustainable horticultural lighting manufacturer was recently featured by Ancient Energy Orchids. A’na S’atara, the owner of Ancient Energy Orchids’ website is dedicated to educating growers on how to improve orchid growing conditions based on her many years of experience with the plant. Recently A’na has been using the Active Grow 40W Propagation Luminaires for growing orchid seedlings and noticed lower failure rates and stronger root growth.
Paphiopedilum “seedling station” with three new LED light fixtures by Active Grow.
A’na details her experience working with Active Grow LEDs and others in her article, LED lights for orchids: our Paphiopedilum seedling growing area. In the article she highlights her experience using the 40W Propagation Luminaires for orchid seedlings; “I currently have six different manufacturers of LED light bulbs, strips, and panels in use, and my favorite for Paphiopedilums, Phalaenopsis, and other lower light orchids is Active Grow LED. The root growth on all of the orchids that I have converted to the Active Grow LEDs last year has been outstanding. Within a few weeks of the conversion from T5 HO fluorescents, I noticed many new roots on the majority of plants (I use clear pots). Root growth has continued into the winter, and leaf color is vibrant.”
In more detail A’na shares her results from switching over to the Active Grow LED Propagation Luminaires from traditional fluorescents; “First, the temperature in the room dropped at least five degrees during the day. Second, the seedling pots did not dry out as quickly, an obvious result of reduced heat radiation from the LED grow lights compared to the fluorescent bulbs.” She also highlights the high survival rate under the new LEDs, “While I’ve noticed that all of the Paphiopedilum seedlings are vigorous and have good leaf color under the LED grow lights, the smallest seedlings appear stronger. And some seedlings that I did not think would survive seem to be starting to grow now. I have a high survival rate when deflasking, about 95% for all Paphiopedilum species I’ve deflasked.”
Flask of Paphiopedilum dayanum seedlings
A’na concludes from her experience using the Active Grow 40W Propagation Luminaires for orchid seedlings that, “Light, whether natural or human-made — must be the right quality and quantity to support plant growth. Well designed LED light spectrum is enabling indoor orchid growing to have access to a quality of light comparable to natural sunshine. This is a remarkable new opportunity for orchid growing and all horticulture.”
To learn more about the type of light orchids need check out another very helpful article by A’na S’atara on her website titled, Going beyond footcandles and lux: new ways to think about indoor orchid growing with LED lights.
About Active Grow
Active Grow LLC is a commercial grade horticultural lighting manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. The company works directly with experienced growers to develop the next-generation of horticultural lighting systems that are energy efficient and long-lasting alternatives to HPS, HID and fluorescent grow lamps. Active Grow LED lights feature the latest technological innovations to help growers increase their yields and maximize their production. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for the latest company updates and videos.