Active Grow Spectrum Guide

Active Grow Spectrum Guide: Best Plant Types & Stages for Each Spectrum

At Active Grow, we’ve developed LED grow light spectrums to help growers ensure their plants thrive and produce the best possible yield. With this detailed guide, growers can make informed decisions about the best spectrum for their specific plants and growth stages. Always refer to specific plant needs and adjust lighting accordingly for optimal results.

Morphological Effects

UV 280-400 nm

Triggers a defense mechanism which increases essential oils in herbs and terpenes in cannabis. This protects plants from pests and disease while enhancing taste, aroma and nutrition. Encourages branching and reduces stretching. Strengthens plants for exposure to greater light intensity during transplanting.

Blue 400-500 nm

Improves overall plant health and quality including taste, aroma, color and nutrition. Helps promote plant compactness, root development and phytochemical production. Blue light is essential for driving photosynthesis when used with formulated red wavelengths.

Green 500-600 nm

Increases overall plant photosynthetic efficiency and penetrates the canopy to encourage growth of lower leaves. Makes detecting issues like pests and disease on plants easier to see.

Red 600-700 nm

Promotes plant photosynthesis and increased biomass. Essential for leaf expansion and stem growth. Helps regulate plant flowering, photoperiod and germination. Red light is essential for driving photosynthesis when used with formulated blue wavelengths.

Far-Red 700-750 nm

Promotes expansion and stretching of leaves and stems. Penetrates the canopy to encourage growth of lower leaves. When used with 660-680 nm wavelengths, plant photosynthesis rates increase via the Emerson effect.

Infrared 750-800 nm

Influences leaf size, stem length and plant height. Helps promote flowering in long-day plants. Penetrates the canopy to encourage growth of lower leaves.

Sun White Pro + Spectrum

Ideal for start-to-finish growth with increased blue light for tighter internodal spacing and balanced red light for healthy flowering, with a high CRI of 94 for spotting pests and deficiencies.

Best for: All plant types from herbs to vegetables to flowers.
Seedling to harvest. Especially effective during vegetative and flowering stages due to its balanced light spectrum.

Entourage 2.0 Spectrum

Upgraded for improved growth and usability. Features deep red and blue wavelengths, with a high CRI of 93 for spotting pests and deficiencies.

Best for: Commercial crops, especially those requiring high-quality growth and yield.
Stages: All growth stages. The spectrum's high CRI makes it easier to spot pests and deficiencies early on.

Sun White Spectrum

Mimics sunlight for house plants, microgreens, and more. Extends beyond the traditional PAR range to boost overall growth. Comfortable to work under with a high CRI of 95.

Best for: House plants, microgreens, flowers, fruits and more.
Stages: All growth stages. Its sunlight-mimicking properties make it versatile for various plant types and stages.

Sun White Pro Spectrum

Commercial grade with higher blue light content and dedicated red light for increased flavonoid content.

Best for: Commercial and home-grown crops, especially those requiring enhanced phytochemical production.
Stages: All growth stages, with a focus on root development and flowering.

Blue Sun Spectrum

Tailored for mushroom development during incubation and fruiting cycles.

Best for: Mushrooms.
Stages: Incubation and fruiting cycles.

Greenhouse Spectrum

Assists natural sunlight for stronger roots and increased budding sites.

Best for: A wide range of commercial crops grown in greenhouses.
Stages: From seedling to harvest. Assists natural sunlight to ensure consistent growth.

Red Bloom Pro Spectrum

Chlorophyll-boosting light targeting blue and red wavelengths, with additional far-red light.

Best for: Plants that benefit from chlorophyll-boosting light, such as leafy greens and flowering plants.
Stages: All growth stages, with an emphasis on increasing plant mass, budding and fruiting.

Red Boost Spectrum

Boosts vegetative and blooming plant mass with deep red and blue light wavelengths.

Best for: Commercial crops, especially those requiring larger and healthier fruits, flowers and vegetables.
Stages: Vegetative and blooming stages.

Green Dream Spectrum

Ensures plants remain dormant during dark cycles with soft green light.

Best for: Plants that require a rest or dormant period.
Stages: Dark cycles or rest periods to ensure plants remain dormant.