The Get Up & Grow Podcast EP #7

June 16, 2023
Darryl Cheng of House Plant Journal - Understanding Lighting for House Plants - Get Up & Grow Podcast EP #7
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โ€œIf a plant wrote a book about how to grow themselves they would talk extensively about well I grow is completely dependent on how good my light is.โ€

- Darryl Cheng, Creator of House Plant Journal -

Darryl Cheng of House Plant Journal - Understanding Lighting for House Plants - Get Up & Grow Podcast EP #7

Welcome to the Get Up & Grow Podcast, Episode #7. Today, we have a special guest, Darryl Cheng, the well-known plant care expert and creator of House Plant Journal. Darryl's mission is to help people enjoy healthy and thriving plants for years to come, and he has become a trusted source of practical advice for plant enthusiasts of all levels. In this episode, Darryl shares his background, his approach to plant care and how important lighting is to proper house plant development.

Darryl begins by discussing his background and how he became interested in plant care. He shares how his engineering background has influenced his approach to growing and highlights the importance of observation and understanding the needs of plants.

Darryl then goes into discussing the release of his book, โ€œThe New Plant Parent,โ€ where he shares the inspiration behind writing the book and how it differs from traditional house plant care books. The book highlights his data driven approach to plant care and practical tips people can take to improve the lives of their beloved house plants.

Darryl's expertise in plant growth focuses heavily on understanding natural indoor lighting, and he introduces his system of using a standard lumen reader to guide growers in utilizing light appropriately for indoor plant growth. He explains the concept of "indirect light" levels for house plants, sharing useful information on this often misunderstood aspect of plant care.

Finally, Darryl offers advice to those who are just starting to explore the world of plant care. He encourages beginners to observe their plants closely, be patient, and learn from their experiences. Darryl also shares where listeners can find him, purchase his book, and sign up for his courses or one-on-one consultations.

We discuss some of the following:
ยท Darryl's background and his passion for plant care.
ยท The influence of his engineering background on his approach to growing.
ยท Responsible plant parenthood and developing a mindset in harmony with nature.
ยท "The New Plant Parent" book and its unique approach to house plant care.
ยท Common mistakes in plant care and tips for avoiding them.
ยท Darryl's system for utilizing light appropriately for indoor plant growth.
ยท What DLI is and why it matters for house plant care.
ยท Understanding the different levels of "indirect light" for house plants.
ยท Implementing sustainable practices in growing plants at home.
ยท Advice for beginners exploring the world of plant care.

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