Integrated Dual T8 LED Grow Lights VS Fluorescent Shop Lights

Switching to Active Grow Integrated Dual T8 LED Grow Lights from T8/T12 fluorescent shop lights offers a transformative experience for indoor gardening. These LED lights not only promise significant energy savings but also come with enhanced water resistance, longer lifespans and the ability to daisy chain for seamless installations. Coupled with their dedicated horticultural spectrums and reduced heat output, they stand as a superior and eco-friendly alternative. Explore the benefits and elevate your gardening game with our range of Integrated Dual T8 LED Grow Lights.

Energy Efficiency

Active Grow 38W Integrated Dual T8 LED Grow Lights are 60% more energy efficient than 100W T12 fluorescent shop lights. They use less power while delivering greater light output, reduce electricity expenses and generate less heat for a more consistent growing environment.

Cost Savings & Longer Lifetimes

Active Grow Integrated Dual T8 LED Grow Lights have a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours, compared to 12,000 hours for T8/T12 fluorescent lights. This longevity means fewer replacements and greater cost savings over time.

Enhanced Water Resistance

These LED grow lights offer superior water resistance compared to traditional shop lights, making them ideal for humid and wet conditions. The on and off switch also features a water-resistant cover for added safety.

Daisy Chain Capability

Active Grow's LED grow lights can be daisy-chained end-to-end or with a cable, allowing for a clean installation and uniform light output.

Dedicated Horticultural Spectrums

Unlike outdated T8/T12 fluorescents, these LED lights offer tailored light spectrums for plants, catering to diverse cultivars and enhancing their growth, appearance, taste and yield.

Lower Heat Output

These LED lights produce minimal heat compared to T8/T12 fluorescents, ensuring a stable grow space temperature and reducing the need for additional cooling.

Versatile Voltage Compatibility

Operating on a 120-277V range, these lights are compatible with a wide range of voltages in homes and commercial facilities, unlike many fluorescents limited to 120V.

Environmental Impact

LED grow lights are free from hazardous materials like mercury found in fluorescents. Their energy efficiency reduces consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, making them a sustainable choice for eco-conscious growers.

Ready to Replace Your T8/T12 Fluorescent Shop Lights?

At Active Grow, we provide a comprehensive range of Integrated Dual T8 LED Grow Lights for those looking to upgrade. Trust us to deliver top-tier LED growing solutions that will enhance your plant growth and reduce your energy expenses.

Option #1
Integrated Dual T8 4FT LED Grow Lights

Active Grow's 38W 4FT LED Grow Lights offer efficient growth support for a variety of plants from herbs to cannabis clones. Crafted from durable polycarbonate, they provide enhanced germination and growth rates. Ideal for beginners and budget-conscious growers, they ensure optimal plant health and savings.

Option #2
Integrated Dual T8 HO 4FT LED Grow Lights

Active Grow's 54W 4FT model offers a robust 60% more photon output than its 38W counterpart, making it ideal for plants with higher light requirements. Crafted from durable polycarbonate, it ensures accelerated growth rates and enhanced vitality. Perfect for a range of plants from herbs and flowers to carnivorous species and cannabis veg. This fixture is a top choice for serious indoor gardeners.

Option #3
Integrated Dual T8 2FT LED Grow Lights

Experience the potency of Active Grow’s Integrated Dual T8 LED technology in a compact 2FT form factor. Crafted from robust polycarbonate, these 2FT lights deliver performance on par with the 38W 4FT version, ensuring rapid germination and vibrant growth across a spectrum of plants. From microgreens and herbs to flowers and specialized plants, these lights provide the optimal conditions for flourishing indoor gardens.