The Get Up & Grow Podcast EP #1

March 8, 2023
John Yin - Growing A Sustainable Commercial Cannabis Business - Get Up & Grow Podcast EP #1
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โ€œWe donโ€™t want to pollute anything. We want to be able to smoke weed and go out onto the trail and enjoy that forest 50 years down the road. We want our kids and our next generation to enjoy this beautiful planet.โ€

- John Yin, Owner & Master Grower at Washington Tower Farms -

John Yin - Growing A Sustainable Commercial Cannabis Business - Get Up & Grow Podcast EP #1

On this inaugural episode of the podcast we interview my good friend John Yin, Owner and Head Grower of Washington Tower Farm in Aderbeen, WA, just outside of Seattle. John is a University of Washington graduate with a degree in chemistry who dove into the cannabis industry after graduation and has been running his commercial business for the last 6.5 years. John has used his extensive knowledge, passion and resiliency to build a sustainable business in the PNW and was kind enough to share some of his time with us.ย 

We discuss some of the following:

โ€ข The challenges of growing high quality plants and what steps he takes to maintain consistent yields.
โ€ข Finding his niche in the industry.
โ€ข Strategies for facing turbulent market changes.
โ€ข How important sustainability is and how he has integrated it into his farm.
โ€ข How using the correct lighting for growing can have an impact on your end product.
โ€ข Tips for anyone thinking of starting a commercial cannabis facility or just growing plants at home themselves.
โ€ข How to balance work and downtime when running a commercial facility.

This podcast is dedicated to growers like you so we appreciate your feedback so we can provide the best experience possible for the grower community.ย 

Now Get Up & Grow!ย 

Taylor S.