The Get Up & Grow Podcast EP #11

April 3, 2024
Raffi Meyer - Growing Fresh Microgreens Under LED Grow Lights - Get Up & Grow Podcast EP #11
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โ€œIf you use a cheap LED shop light (to grow microgreens) you are going to get a nice product but not as nice as it could be if you were using proper lighting.โ€

- Raffi Meyer, Owner & Cultivator at Meyer Micros -

Raffi Meyer - Growing Fresh Microgreens Under LED Grow Lights - Get Up & Grow Podcast EP #11

Welcome to the Get Up & Grow Podcast, Episode #11. In this episode, we're shining a light on the vibrant world of microgreens with Raffi Meyer, the visionary owner and cultivator behind Meyer Micros. Situated in the scenic realm of Cardiff by the Sea, Raffi has harnessed the power of LED grow lights to nurture these "nutritional superheroes," bringing a fresh perspective to sustainable farming practices.

With a unique backstory rooted in a log cabin in Idaho and a vegetarian upbringing, Raffi's journey into the world of microgreens is as inspiring as it is green. Through his innovative approach and dedication to sustainability, Meyer Micros has emerged as a leading advocate for environmentally friendly agriculture.

Join us as Raffi delves into the origins of his passion, the intricacies of growing microgreens and his commitment to making organic food accessible to everyone.

Highlights from our conversation include:
โ€ข A glimpse into Raffi's childhood in Idaho, how it shaped his love for nature and its influence on his vegetarian values.
โ€ข The nutritional powerhouse of microgreens, what makes them stand out and Raffi's approach to preserving their nutritional integrity.
โ€ข A breakdown of Raffi's farming techniques, highlighting his custom-blended organic seedling mix and the pivotal role of premium filtered water.
โ€ข An exploration of the sustainability of microgreens, comparing their water and energy footprint to traditional farming methods.
โ€ข Insights into the integration of LED grow light technology at Meyer Micros, its benefits and the journey towards becoming a zero-waste company.
โ€ข The challenges faced in the early days of Meyer Micros, overcoming them and the impact of the Cardiff by the Sea community on the business.
โ€ข Balancing affordability with quality and sustainability in providing organic food to the community.
โ€ข Raffi's vision for the future of Meyer Micros amidst growing awareness of sustainable food sources and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable farming.

Raffi's story is a testament to the potential of innovative agricultural techniques and the importance of community in fostering sustainable food sources. To learn more about Meyer Micros and follow their journey in revolutionizing microgreen farming, check out their initiatives and connect with them online at his website and his Instagram @meyermicros

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Taylor Schaberg