24W T5 HO 4FT LED Grow Lamp

54W Fluorescent Lamp Replacement
  • Energy Saving

The Active Grow T5 High-Output 4FT LED Horticultural Lamp uses 45% less energy than fluorescent lamps and operates directly with the existing fixtures' electronic ballast

  • Sun White or Red Bloom Spectrum

Choose between the Sun White Spectrum with a high CRI that mimics natural sunlight conditions and the Red Bloom Spectrum that boosts chlorophyll absorption rates and flowering cycles

  • Faster Growth Cycles

Speeds up growth rates by 20%

  • Extra Long Lifetime

Features a 30,000 hour lifetime until when lamps reach 90% of their initial output

  • Certified Safe

All lamp components and manufacturing processes certified safe by UL standards

  • Typical Applications

Commercial or home vertical farm racking systems for vegetables, leafy greens, ornamentals, microgreens, cannabis vegetative and cloning stages

Technical Information

Plug and Grow

Product Introduction

The Active Grow T5 24W High-Output 4FT lamp is a plug and play LED tube that replaces T5 54W HO 4FT fluorescent lamps and features increased PPF output, lower power consumption and spectrums formulated specifically for plant growth. The T5 HO LED lamp is suitable for use with a wide range of Instant Start and Programmed Start ballasts so installation is easy as no wiring is required.

Energy Saving

Uses 45% less energy than T5 54W HO 4FT fluorescent lamps and operates directly with the existing fixture’s ballast

Efficient PPF Output

Features a high total photon PAR (400-700nm) output of 55 μmol/s (Sun White Spectrum) – 45 μmol/s (Red Bloom Spectrum)

Sun White or Red Bloom Spectrum

Choose between the Sun White Spectrum with a high CRI that mimics natural sunlight conditions and the Red Bloom Spectrum which is focused specifically on 445 nm blue and 660 nm red wavelengths

Extra Long Lifetime

Features an extra-long 30,000 hour lifetime

Low Heat Output

45% less heat output than 54W fluorescent lamps

Does Not Contain Mercury

Active Grow Spectral Analysis

Active Grow Spectrums are designed specifically for plant growth and feature the latest phosphor chip technology to help cultivators dial in the perfect light recipe for various plant species.

Sun White Spectrum -Bring the sunlight indoors with the Active Grow Sun White Spectrum that features 15+ higher CRI than traditional fluorescents and other LED lamps. This light covers the majority of the PAR (400-700 nm) spectral range. The high CRI light also makes it easy to see the plant’s vivid colors and any issues with plant development. Includes 660 nm and 730 nm wavelengths that combine to create the Emerson Effect or a higher rate of photosynthesis, which speeds up plant growth by up to 20%. Mix and match with the Red Bloom Spectrum lamps and create the ideal growing conditions for your home or commercial grow operation.

Red Bloom Spectrum -Boost chlorophyll light absorption with the Active Grow Red Bloom Spectrum that features dedicated 445-450 nm (blue) and 660 nm (red) light for flowers, fruits, germination and cloning. Includes 660 nm and 730 nm wavelengths that combine to create the Emerson Effect or a higher rate of photosynthesis, which speeds up plant growth by up to 20%. Mix and match with the Sun White Spectrum lamps and create the ideal growing conditions for your home or commercial grow operation.


Suitable for the following plant species

🌱 Amaranth 🌱 Arugula 🌱 Basil 🌱 Peppers 🌱 Beets 🌱 Broccoli 🌱 Buckwheat 🌱 Cannabis 🌱 Celery 🌱 Chia 🌱 Cilantro 🌱 Citrus 🌱 Clover 🌱 Collard Greens 🌱 Dill 🌱 Flax 🌱 Kale 🌱 Lettuce (Romaine, Boston, Iceberg) 🌱 Milkweed 🌱 Mustard Greens 🌱 Ornamentals 🌱 Orchids 🌱 Perennials 🌱 Pothos 🌱 Rubber Plant 🌱 Spinach 🌱 Succulents 🌱 Swiss Chard 🌱 Turnip 🌱 And more… 

Ballast Compatibility List

The T5 HO 4FT LED lamp is compatible with Instant Start and Programmed Start ballasts of T5 HO fluorescent lamp fixtures. Not compatible with daisy-chainable single unit T5 fixtures, for example: Jump Start JST54. Active Grow T5 Horticultural Fixtures (120V) available.

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T5 HO 4FT 4 Tube Fixture

The Active Grow T5 high-output 4FT 4 tube horticultural fixture features premium electronic ballasts, high quality aluminum reflectors and can be hung in multiple configurations to fit any growing environment. The T5 HO 4FT 4 is designed for use with Active Grow T5 HO 4FT LED horticultural lamps.
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Active Grow T5 LED Grow Lights Vs. T5 Fluorescent Tubes - Energy, Spectrum & PPFD

These tests were taken to compare Active Grow T5 24W HO 4FT LED Horticultural Lamps and T5 54W HO 4FT fluorescent lamps in an 8 tube T5 HO fixture. The test focuses on three main areas: Energy Consumption, Spectral Analysis & PPFD Coverage.

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How to switch out your old T5 HO fixture ballast for a new one that works with Active Grow T5 HO Horticultural Lamps

Why would you change out your T5 HO ballasts?

  1. Ballasts don’t last forever (10-15K hours for a good one) so in order to keep using your existing fixture you can just purchase a new replacement ballast that is cheaper than a new fixture.
  2. In order to use new T5 HO LED lamps that require electronic ballasts to run. To check what ballasts are compatible with Active Grow T5 HO Horticultural Lamps please click the link here.

What you need for the installation:
1: T5 HO Fixture
2: T5 HO Lamps
3: Twist on wire connectors
4: Screwdriver
5: Wire trimmer / cutter
6: New replacement ballast



24W T5 HO 4FT LED Grow Light Reviews

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ Manufacturer goes above and beyond!
I ordered these lights with fulfillment through Amazon. The tubes arrived broken. I contacted the manufacturer because I know what it’s like to be dinged for shipping issues beyond your control. The manufacturer responded immediately, and offered to replace the grow light tubes at no charge. The lights arrived in perfect condition and were a great fit for our existing grow cart fixture. I couldn’t be happier with the manufacturer response and the quality of the lights. -Cinda Williams Chima 06/24/19

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ Great performing LEDs
Fantastic lights for veg and reproductive phases. Good bright white. Had to change ballasts on my fluorescent fixtures to accommodate LEDs. Simple and straightforward process. Well worth it -eLearner 04/07/19

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ Great lights for a hobby greenhouse
These lights work great. Still growing cool weather vegetables in January and supplementing heat with a small milkhouse heater. -Elizabeth Parks 01/07/19

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ Worth it!
I just started growing my own lettuce on Nov 4 2018. I did a bunch of research before buying lights, but still ended up with several types. I have a 2’x 8′ space growing 36 plants. Half have been growing under normal T5 fluorescent lights, and the other half have been using the Active Grow T5 LED lights. The fixtures are the same. The only difference is the lights, and the plants can tell. The plants under the Active Grow LED lights are noticeably larger than those under the fluorescent light. I also find the color to be more vibrant. I liked the performance and cost savings of these bulbs so much, I bought a second set to replace the T5 Fluorescent lights I mentioned above. I just received them a couple of days ago, and they are up and running now. I love the power savings too! I can run two, 4′, 4 bulb, Active Grow T5 LED setups for less than the cost of one 4′, 4 bulb T5 Fluorescent setup. I’m definitely producing lettuce cheaper than I can buy it in the store, and it’s always clean, healthy, and picked fresh daily. -Mitchell Hickok 01/05/19 

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ Best LED grow light that I have used … the orchids are thriving
All grow lights are not created equal — it is no small feat to successfully replicate the natural sunlight that plants have evolved with for eons. What looks bright and pleasing to humans is not necessarily what is most valuable to plants (for photosynthesis). I’ve found this out through trial and error, and a lot of research, to enhance my orchid growing. At the moment, I count six different LED grow lights in operation for different types of orchids, using LEDs for both supplemental and sole sources of light. 

I’m taking the time to write a review, which I rarely do, because the Active Grow LEDs are the best full spectrum grow lighting that I’ve found so far for orchid seedlings, and blooming size Paphiopedilums and Phalaenopsis. I particularly note the robust year-round root growth on the Paphs, including multi-floral and higher light species. I run my lights 9-10 hours/day — which has been plenty for flowering the lower light Paphs, and fewer hours than I comparably used T5 HO fluorescents. I’m also trying some higher light species under the ActiveGrow lights as well. The near blooming size Dendrobiums are growing well, with a few flowers emerging on the largest seedlings. I also note that recently deflasked orchid seedlings do not dry out as quickly under these LED lights, compared to the T5 HO fluorescents. This is very beneficial given their shallow root systems, and many of the smaller seedlings are establishing more easily. I have replaced all of the bulbs in my Hydrofarm Agrobrite T5 fixtures with these conversion tubes. -A’na Sa’tara of Ancient Energy Orchids (www.aeorchids.com) 01/02/19 -Read more about her experience working with Active Grow LEDs on her website here.

Blooming size and near blooming size Paphiopedilum growing under Active Grow LED lights

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ The light works well!
I have grown kale, carrots, lettuce, arugula and cilantro so far with great success! -Sue 12/23/18

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮  In another league, way to go ACTIVE GROW!!!
Hands down the best t5 ever!!! Micro greens are ready in 2 days under these lights instead of 3, in 3 days I have a 25% increase in weight, and my purple kale tastes even better, it is expensive, but the quality is unmatched. -Buyorsell 12/08/18

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮  Perfect light for your indoor garden
I am impressed by this light. The led’s lights produce virtually no heat so I can grow my plants anywhere without having to worry about ventilation. My baby plants are doing good so I know the spectrum is what it’s suppose to be. -P Muniz 09/05/18

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮  Game Changer
I’ve been using T5 HO lamps for a while now as my primary light source. I thought I had my spectrum close to dialed in with a mix of different lamps. I had my doubts. I decided to switch over to these T5 HO daylight LEDs and was quickly blown away by the response in my garden. Deeper greens, thicker leaves, tighter growth patterns, everything. The PPFD reading is much more even throughout the ENTIRE grow space as compared to my experience with traditional T5 HOs. I can now utilize the edges of my grow space instead of just focusing on the direct center under the lamps. Literally EVERYTHING is so much better then traditional T5s that I’ll never go back again. The spectrum these lamps produce has been a total game-changer. Thank you Active Grow. -04/30/18 Todd 

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮  High-light orchids are blooming!
After having tried unsuccessfully to grow Cattleya orchids in my sunroom, I decided to convert an unused sauna in the basement to an orchid grow room. Did a lot of research on T5 both fluorescent and LED and bought these. I was persuaded by the fact that the have a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 91. That was a statistic I could understand. These are truly full spectrum. There is a lot more information on the company’s web site. An interesting video that compared these to T5HO. I really swallowed hard before buying these because of the higher price. The video provided information on the quality and quantity of useful (to the plant) lights that these put out. I understand it better now, but the proof of it is what I am seeing in the plants.

I now (for the past three months) have these on 16 hours a day in my small room. They do produce some heat but far, far less than T5 fluorescents, which would have been a disaster (I see now) in my enclosed room. With two fans running and lots of humidity (trays, misting, wetting the concrete floor) I can keep the humidity high, the temperature where I want it (by keeping the door more or less open), and the air quality fresh. OK, but — what about the plants? I am now seeing the first buds on one of the Cattleyas, and most of the orchids are pushing new growths and roots. Even in my unskilled hands, the life force that I am seeing in these plants is just –truly awesome. I measured the light and it is about 1800 foot-candles very close to the lamps. Because they are on continuously for 16 hours a day, the plants are getting ample light, the rough equivalent of 3500 foot-candles in a natural environment where light waxes and wanes throughout the day. I can control the amount of light by locating the plants closer or farther from the lamps. I could never have had a setup like this with fluorescents because the heat would have never allowed me to put the plants so close to the lamps as I can with these, and the room would have been too hot. (Opening the door further would let heat out, but would also let humidity out). I have the full spectrum bulbs in all three fixtures but am anticipating trying out some of the red bulbs once we get into bud-producing season in the fall.

For the first time I can grow and flower high light orchids like Cattleyas. I am already thinking about how I may be able to install a fourth unit in the grow room. I am running out of space. -Tessa 08/05/18