Active Grow Launches LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Lights, Setting New Standards in Grow Light Efficiency

Active Grow Launches LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Lights, Setting New Standards in Grow Light Efficiency

Seattle, WA, January 9, 2024, Active Grow, the leader in sustainable horticultural lighting solutions, is proud to announce the release of its latest innovation, the LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Lights. Available in 800W and 650W models, the fixtures achieve an unprecedented efficacy of 3.1 µmol/J, making them the industry's highest efficacy bar style LED grow lights.

“The 3rd generation of the LoPro Max Series represent a major leap in LED grow light technology,” says the Owner of Active Grow, Taylor Schaberg. “These lights are designed to deliver unmatched efficiency and grow a higher quality end product, with the added benefit of rebate eligibility under DLC 3.0 certification standards.”

Active Grow's LoPro Max 3.0 Grow Lights surpass the industry benchmark by delivering higher intensity PPFD across plant canopies than traditional 1000W HPS lights, resulting in significantly increased yields in optimized horticultural environments. When dimmed efficacy can increase up to 3.28 µmol/J, providing greater energy savings for lower light level applications. The fixture’s substantial chip count — 4416 in the 800W and 3312 in the 650W models — guarantees powerful PPF output and cooler chip operation, enhancing both light uniformity and fixture longevity.

The LoPro Max 3.0 Grow Lights feature the Sun White Pro + Spectrum, designed for commercial cultivation from vegetative to flowering stages. The spectrum is optimized to maximize chlorophyll absorption rates while increasing essential carotenoid and anthocyanin development, resulting in beautiful plants with tighter inter-nodal spacing, enhanced flower density and enriched terpene profiles. Additionally, its industry-leading Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 94 enables growers to more effectively monitor plant health.

Rated IP66, the LoPro Max 3.0 Grow Lights are built for durability in diverse growing environments. The fixture's lightweight, low-profile design is ideal as a one-to-one HPS replacement or in minimal clearance vertical racking systems. They are ETL and DLC listed, qualifying for substantial utility rebates for commercial projects. They also come with a 50,000-hour lifetime, a 5-year warranty and are supported by Active Grow’s responsive customer service. Both the 800W and 650W models are available in 120-277V and 277-480V versions.

For more information on the LoPro Max 3.0 LED Grow Lights check out the product pages for the 800W here and the 650W here. To explore Active Grow’s full catalog of lighting, grow tent and environmental control solutions, visit

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