Bring Nature Indoors with Active Grow’s Next-Gen Walden White 3-Tier Grow Tents

Bring Nature Indoors with Active Grow’s Next-Gen Walden White 3-Tier Grow Tents

Seattle, WA, March 22, 2024, Active Grow, the leader in sustainable horticultural lighting solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the 2nd generation of its bestselling 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent and LED Grow Tent Kits for both home and commercial grows. This revolutionary grow tent series was redesigned based on grower feedback with upgraded features including heavier duty construction and innovative humidity management.

“Our updated 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent, now with advanced features like stronger construction and innovative humidity control, directly reflects the valuable feedback from our growers,” explains Matt Leonard, Marketing Director at Active Grow. “We’re committed to continuously improving our products to meet the evolving needs of our gardening community.”

The new version of the 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent is 5” taller and offers growers 24 ft2 of grow space in a controlled environment with stronger poles (22mm) and new fixed shelves capable of supporting up to 100 lbs each. These heavy-duty shelves are spaced 18” apart and easily accommodate grow lights, 10x20 trays, mushroom grow bags, small hydroponic setups and more.

Each tent is made from toxin-free, EcoWhite PEVA material which creates a safe, stylish and easy to clean growing area. The triple-layer design is composed of a 600D canvas exterior, a vinyl light-blocking center and a white vinyl interior that is 10% more reflective than traditional mylar tents. This next generation tent also uses an all-steel frame with no plastic connector parts, making installation quick and simple.

Another major upgrade to the 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent is the addition of innovative Vapor Tabs for high humidity environments. Located at the bottom of the tent walls and doors, the Vapor Tabs tuck into the spill tray to effectively drain excess humidity buildup inside the tent. This helps prevent water from leaking through the floor of the tent and contaminating grow spaces and is deal for high humidity environments like mushroom production and more.

All tents feature Active Grow’s trademark Infinity View front windows (21”x59”) to let growers, friends and family enjoy their garden without disturbing temperature or humidity. The double-wide front doors use the industry’s strongest zippers and allow convenient access during watering, maintenance and harvesting. New double-cinching venting and electrical ports provide greater versatility and light-tight operation.

Active Grow has also expanded its 3-Tier Walden White LED Grow Tent Kit offering with seven unique kits now available. The full LED Grow Tent Kit lineup now includes kits for Greens and Veggies, Flowers and Fruits, Seeds and Starts, Microgreens and Herbs, House Plants, Grow-It-All and Mushrooms. Each kit includes Active Grow LED grow light fixtures with output and spectrums tailored specifically for their respective applications. These high-performance LED grow lights connect via daisy chain cables and can be hung using the provided 1/8″ hydroponic hangers.

Learn more about the new and improved Active Grow 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent and LED Grow Tent Kits here.

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