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Active grow 3 tier walden white grow tent features 2024.
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3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent

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Bring nature indoors with the brand new 3-Tier Walden Grow Tent designed for growing & enjoying the garden of your dreams

New features for 2024:

  • Heavier duty construction (22mm poles) for home or commercial applications
  • Maximum strength fixed shelves capable of supporting up to 100 lbs each  
  • Innovative Vapor Tabs direct humidity buildup on the tent interior straight into the spill tray, keeping the tent floor dry
  • Larger Infinity View windows make appreciating & inspecting plants a breeze
  • Double-cinching ports provide greater versatility & light-tight operation
  • Industrial strength zippers for improved durability & secure sealing 
  • All-steel frame with no plastic parts makes installation fast & easy
  • Increased tent height (+5") creates more vertical space for plants, mushrooms, trays & lighting
  • EcoWhite interior vinyl is 10% more reflective than mylar
  • Non-toxic 100% PEVA materials are safe for plants & people
  • Easy to clean interior keeps contaminants out
  • Inviting all white design complements any space
  • Smart port placement for ventilation, irrigation & power cords
  • Light-blocking zipper covers prevent any light leakage
  • Grow up to 32 ftof plants or mushrooms at a time

Each 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent comes with three 49.21″x26.77″ shelves (assembly required), three 6″ ducting ports, two 4″ electrical ports, one roll-up mesh air vent, two fan/filter straps, a removable spill tray and installation guide.

Installation is quick, simple and requires no tools. View the 3-TIER WALDEN WHITE GROW TENT INSTALLATION GUIDE.

Watch the 3-TIER WALDEN WHITE GROW TENT INTRODUCTION VIDEO for some helpful setup and installation tips.

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Active Grow proudly participates in the 1% for the Planet® program and donates 1% of all annual sales to organizations that promote sustainable agricultural practices.  

Featured Review

See the new 3-Tier Walden White LED Grow Tent Kit in action as carnivorous plant expert, Samantha Filoso, reviews setting up the tent and using it to create an ideal controlled environment for her Nepenthes collection. Follow Samantha on Instagram @nepenthesodyssey.

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Get Growing
Combine the 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent with Active Grow LED grow lights and our 6″ Ventilation Kit and get growing today!

Maximum Strength 3-Tier Shelving System
3 fixed shelves (49.21″x26.77″) provide up to 24 ft2 of grow space and support up to 100 lbs each, making the tent suitable for both commercial and home use. Shelves are spaced 18" apart to easily accommodate plants, mushrooms and lighting. The tent bottom provides an additional 8 ft2 of grow space or can house irrigation systems, dehumidification or other grow accessories.

EcoWhite PEVA – Triple Layered 
All Walden Grow Tents are manufactured using 100% EcoWhite PEVA material. The toxin-free material creates a safe, stylish and easy to clean growing area that keeps insects and other pests out. The triple-layer design is composed of a 600D canvas exterior, a vinyl light-blocking center and a white vinyl interior that is 10% more reflective than even the most reflective mylar tents.

Designed for High Humidity
The innovative Vapor Tabs located at the bottom of the tent walls and doors tuck into the spill tray to effectively drain excess humidity buildup. This helps prevent water from going through the floor of the tent and creating a contaminated space. As a result the tent is perfect for high humidity grow environments like mushroom production and more.

Double-wide Front Doors
Double-wide front doors allow growers easy access to plants and mushrooms or to put them on full display.

Infinity View Front Windows
Extra-large front viewing windows (21.26″x59.06″) let growers check on plants without disturbing humidity or temperature. Window covers roll back and secure with velcro straps.

Double-cinching Ports
Ventilation ports utilize a double-cinching design to maintain greater light integrity and offer versatile ducting options.

Industrial Strength Zippers
Each tent comes with industrial strength zippers and two large light-blocking zipper covers to prevent light leakage at zipper junctions.

Heavy Duty Steel Frame
Setup is straightforward with the tent’s solid locking metal frame (22mm poles) and tool-less installation. Roof support poles can hold up to 110 lbs.

2-year Warranty
All tents come with an industry-leading 2-year warranty.

3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent Specifications
  • Model number: AG/24TENT/W/3S
  • Color: EcoWhite
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 49.21″x26.77″x75.98″ (125x68x193cm)
  • Weight: 46.3 lbs (21 kg)
  • Tent material: Triple-layered 100% PEVA & toxin-free (Exterior 600D canvas / Center light-blocking vinyl / Interior reflective vinyl)
  • Pole diameter: 0.87″ (22mm)
  • Pole material: White powder coated steel
  • Ceiling pole max load capacity: 110 lbs (49.9 kg)
  • Shelves: 3@49.21″x26.77″ (125x68cm)
  • Shelf max load capacity: 100 lbs (45.4 kg)
  • Doors: 2 main front doors
  • Windows: 2@21.26″x59.06″ (54x150cm)
  • Ducting ports: 3@6″ (15cm)
  • Electrical ports: 2@4″ (10cm)
  • Vents: 1@14.17″x8.27″ (36x21cm)
  • Light-blocking zipper covers: 2
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Featured Review

Seed starting guru, Joe Lamp’l, reviews the 3-Tier Walden White LED Grow Tent Kit. Subscribe to Joe on YouTube @joegardenerTV and follow him on Instagram @joegardener.

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Bring Nature Indoors with Active Grow’s Next-Gen Walden White 3-Tier Grow Tents

Active Grow, the leader in sustainable horticultural lighting solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the 2nd generation of its bestselling 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent and LED Grow Tent Kits for both home and commercial grows.

Why White PEVA Grow Tents are Better than Mylar - Know Before You Grow

Introducing the revolutionary grow tent material outshining mylar: White PEVA (Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate). This cutting-edge vinyl is proving to be a game changer in creating the ideal controlled environment, surpassing traditional mylar.

3-Tier Grow Tent Introduction & Grow Light Installation

Learn about the 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent and how to make a complete setup using Active Grow LED Grow Lights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Samantha Filoso @nepenthesodyssey
The Walden Shines

"Check out the upgraded Active Grow 3-Tier Walden white grow tent! Easy to build with new features that make you and your carnivorous plants happy. It’s amazing what Nepenthes you can grow in your living room with an Active Grow Walden grow tent! With the added benefits of a clean design, rugged materials, and large picture windows, it’s an attention grabber and makes me happy to see every morning! More to come as I share the latest updates to the 2’x4’ 3-Tier Walden for my smaller plants!" YouTube video placeholder
Best mushroom grow tent ever.

Best mushroom grow tent I've ever used. Mold resistant and capable of fruiting many different species! Large shelves and excellent sealing pan make for an easy to clean tent. Highly recommended.


Great item and great service from Grow Tents Depot!


Great item and great service from Grow Tents Depot!

Cindy Johnston
Walden grow tent for aroid houseplants

Finally a grow tent that isn’t black. I purchased this tent because i think the color is more attractive and i like the big “windows” on the front so i can see what’s going on inside. I wish i had bought one six times the size but then it would have had to go in the garage and it’s nice having it inside my house. I use it to propagate aroids and next spring i will also be using it to get a head start on my vegetable garden. It’s working great! I bought the T5 4 light system but even with only turning two of the lights on on each shelf, they are brighter than what I needed and i wish i had bought some lights that my plants could get closer to. I have the T8 lights on my shelving system outside my tent and they probably would have been a better choice for my grow tent. I like all the vents in this tent and I don't think they left anything out for whatever configuration you might want. This is a great little tent that i cant imagine anyone not being pleased with.

Joe Lamp'l @joegardenerTV

"If you're looking for a place to start your own seedlings this grow tent is pretty cool. It comes with everything that you need from the lights and the racks and the tent of course, and if you really want to dial in the perfect growing environment, you can zip this up nice and tight and still see through the plastic windows and check on your seedlings." YouTube video placeholder

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