Active grow t5 ho 2ft 4 lamp led grow light sun white full spectrum.
Active grow led grow lights sun white full spectrum.
Active grow t5 ho 2ft led grow lamps herbs.
Active grow t5 ho 2ft led grow lamp grow light indoor plants.
Active grow t5 ho 2ft led grow lamps cannabis grow tent.
Active grow t5 ho led grow lamps grow lights fresh greens.
Active grow t5 ho led grow lamps grow lights strong roots.

T5 HO 2FT 4 Lamp LED Grow Light – Sun White Spectrum

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Choose Your Spectrum: Sun White
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Our high efficacy T5 grow lights guarantee tighter internodal spacing & fuller, heartier plants

  • Produce stronger roots & create new leaf & budding sites
  • Easy on-off switch
  • Premium ballasts for reliable & long-lasting performance
  • Low heat output is safe for plants & growers
  • Daisy-chainable for a clean installation
  • High light output with minimal energy costs

🌱 Microgreens
🌱 Leafy greens
🌱 Herbs
🌱 Flowers
🌱 Vegetables
🌱 Tropical plants
🌱 Carnivorous plants
🌱 Hemp
🌱 Cannabis

1x T5 HO 2FT 4 Lamp LED Grow Light
4x 12W T5 HO Plug & Play 2FT LED Grow Lamps
1x 8′ 120V power cord (can also function as daisy chain cable)
2x Hanging wires (pre-installed)
1x Fixture installation guide
1x Lamp installation guide

The T5 HO 2FT 4 Lamp LED Grow Light provides uniform light coverage for up to a 3'x2' area for low light-medium light level requirement plants (at 24" above the plant canopy) and a 2'x2' area for medium light-high light requirement plants (at 12" above the plant canopy). For larger spaces where light crossover will come into play, please contact us to help dial in the correct number of fixtures required to achieve healthy light levels for your plant type and application.

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Active grow t5 ho led grow lamp spectrums.

Better Light Spectrums = Better Plant Growth

Research engineered light recipes for your plant type & growth stage
Sun White Spectrum

This all-natural light spectrum boosts healthy growth rates for house plants, microgreens, flowers, fruits and more. By mimicking sunlight conditions with a high CRI of 95, the Sun White Spectrum will make your garden look more vivid and it will be easier to detect pests and deficiencies before they spread. This truly full-spectrum light extends beyond the traditional PAR range (400-700 nm) to include far-red wavelengths that increase photosynthesis rates via the Emerson Effect.

Active grow led grow lights sun white full spectrum.

Featured Review

Learn how our T5 HO Plug & Play LED Grow Lamps outperform T5 HO fluorescent lamps by examining energy consumption, light spectrum and PPFD coverage.

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Premium Electronic Ballasts
This LED grow light fixture uses high-output Instant Start electronic ballasts selected specifically to provide reliable, long-lasting performance with Active Grow T5 HO Plug & Play LED Lamps. 120V compatibility.

Sustainable Horticultural Lighting
Uses 50% less energy than 24W T5 HO fluorescent lamps when used with Active Grow T5 HO Plug & Play LED Grow Lamps, greatly reducing heat output, HVAC costs and the need for more vertical space. Provides savings of over $200 in energy costs over the lifetime of the lamps.

Plant Centric Design
Designed specifically for horticulture use with a 100% more effective spectrum for plant growth and a high PBAR (280-800nm) output and efficacy.

Seamless Connectivity
Connect up to 8 fixtures on one 120V circuit to make for an easier and cleaner installation.

ClearSync Film Technology
Each lamp’s ClearSync protective film improves water resistance and prevents glass shattering without sacrificing photon output.

Long Lifetime & Guarantee
Active Grow 12W T5 HO Plug & Play LED Grow Lamps feature an exceptional 30,000-hour lifetime and 1-year warranty. Each fixture has a 3-year warranty. Active Grow is locally based in Seattle, WA providing same day response and friendly support.

Certified Safe
All lamp and fixture components and manufacturing processes meet the highest industry safety standards.

Rebates Available
When used with Active Grow T5 HO LED lamps, the T5 HO fixture may be eligible to receive large utility rebates for commercial projects. Contact us to learn more.

  • Model number: AG/T5HO4FIX/2FT/WS
  • Base: G5
  • Power: 64W (Active Grow 12W T5 HO 2FT LED lamps)/108W (fluorescent lamps)
  • Amperage: 0.5A (Active Grow 12W T5 HO 2FT LED lamps)/1.0A (fluorescent lamps)
  • Input voltage: 120V 50-60Hz
  • Rated power factor: >95%
  • PPF output (400-700 nm): 115 µmol/s
  • PBAR output (280-800 nm): 123 µmol/s
  • PPF efficacy: 1.80 µmol/J
  • PBAR efficacy: 1.92 µmol/J
  • Spectrum: Sun White Spectrum
  • CRI: 95 (typical)
  • Daisy chain capable: Yes (max 8@120V)
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 23.8″x13.2″x2.6″ (605x335x65mm)
  • Weight: 8.38 lbs (3.8 kg)
  • Cord length: 8’/244cm
  • Dual on-off switches: No
  • Dimmable: No
  • Lamp lifetime: 30,000 hours
  • Lamp warranty: 1 year
  • Fixture warranty: 3 years
  • Optional accessories: 240V plug adapter
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T5 LED Grow Light Electronic Ballast Replacement Instructions

Follow along and learn how to switch out an old T5 fixture ballast for a new one that works with our T5 HO Plug & Play LED Grow Lamps.

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T5 LED Grow Lamps VS Fluorescent Tubes - Know Before You Grow

Upgrading to T5 LED grow lamps from T5 fluorescents offers numerous benefits for plant growth and cost savings. With a longer lifespan and dedicated horticultural spectrums, LED lamps are more energy efficient, emit less heat and are environmentally friendly.

Grow Lamp Spectrum Test

Robin from Cascadia Greens joins us to see how our Active Grow T5 HO LED Grow Lamps perform in an indoor hydroponic rack grow light spectrum test for Basil, Shiso, Sorrel & Edible Flowers.

Grower Product Review

Soothing Leaf replaces traditional T5 HO fluorescent lamps with Active Grow T5 HO Plug & Play LED Grow Lamps in a home grow setup.

Grower Product Review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Excellent Product

I used this grow light for some practice seed germination on Atlantic Giant Pumpkins. The light is great! The T5 LEDs don't put off a lot of heat which fits my application perfectly. My plants looked extremely healthy after 14 days. I'm confident when I start my $30 seeds for the real season that my plants will be extremely healthy for transplant outdoors. I set the grow light 10” above my pots and it worked perfectly.

Love these lights

I love using these lights for my indoor garden. I love the amazing support of the company too. They go above and beyond to help their customers achieve success.


provided enough light to grow 2 trays per light. Am going to try 3 trays per light soon. A decent chunk of change, but very high quality.

D. St Thomas

Bought back my confidence in growing. Plants are taking off like weeds, was very deterred in growing until I bought these lights.

Steve Florey

Good product and delivery time prompt. Very good product

Emily G

Great Product. Impressed with this product. My Bell peppers have done incredibly well under this light. Ordered a second light, have the 2 foot and 4 foot light. Seedlings grew so fast, needed the larger light to allow for them to spread out. The pepper plant leaves are broader than what I've grown under fluorescent T5. Another benefit, my plants are not leggy. Stalks are nice and thick. You can pull the light close to the plants after they sprout which was great at first. Eventually moved the light about 18? above them as they have grown larger and continue to grow. Plants have a nice Bush appearance. Also obtained great results with parsley and am now staring cabbage, tomatoes, basil and believe they will do just as well. This light definitely has given me a jump on the growing season which can be tempermental at times where I live.

Joe Lamp'l

Emmy-winning national gardening television & podcast host Joe Lamp'l (@joegardener). #OrganicGardening, #VegetableGardening, #OnlineGardeningAcademy, HowTo Videos

These seedlings I started about 5 weeks ago are now thriving in my garden. I usually supplement those plants with others I pick up at the nursery to fill in gaps. Not this year. Retail inventory of seedlings was horrible, and so was the quality! And my latest happy discovery this seed-starting round is my new grow lamp system. I love trying different lighting systems in hopes of finally settling on a favorite. Over recent years as I was creating my Master Seed-starting online course, I trialed many options from basic fluorescent shop lights, to high-end LED rigs and more sophisticated T5 fluorescent systems. Recently I was invited to try and keep (at no cost to me) a 24W T5 lamp and fixture from Active Grow. I've trialed several more basic LED shop light rigs in the past but the results were just average. But not this one. It's definitely got my attention. These lamps were clearly designed for indoor growing, with high PPF efficiency (the amount of quality light frequency usable by the plants), and higher energy efficiency (none of the heat energy wasted by the fluorescent alternatives). Over 5 weeks of growing time under this system, the plants performed very well - no legginess, nice compact plants, great color, and no light-burn. You can buy just the lamps that plug and play into existing T5 fluorescent fixtures (4 lamps cost about $139), or you can buy the lamps and fixture for around $219 for the 2x4 ft size - perfect for evenly lighting 4 standard trays on a self. The seedlings here were growing under the Sun White Pro lamps and I was very happy with the results. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it performs for the next round of warm-season edibles starting in February. A link to this lamp system is in my instagram profile (@joegardener). (Not an affiliate link). What's your favorite grow light system?


high performance, low cost. This lamp has been phenomenal since turning it on from day 1, I noticed immediate growth improvement. I could not be happier with the performance of these lamps and recommend to anyone.

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