Active grow 6 inch mushroom ventilation kit indoor grow tent.
Walden White 6" Mushroom Ventilation & Air Filtration Kit – Inline Fan, Filter & Ducting Combo
Active grow 6 inch grow tent inline fan.
Active grow 10 inch spore stopper mushroom ventilation kit filters.
Active grow 6 inch mushroom grow tent ducting clamps.
Active grow hydroponic hangers.

Walden White 6" Mushroom Ventilation & Air Filtration Kit – Inline Fan, Filter & Ducting Combo

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Choose Your Size: 6IN 395 CFM Mushroom Kit
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Our all-in-one mushroom ventilation kits create fresh air flow & easy CO2 management while blocking airborne particles from contaminating your grow space

  • Creates a stable air intake/outtake CEA system
  • Powerful but quiet <37 dB inline fan
  • 3-speed fan dials in optimal growing conditions & prevents CO2 buildup
  • 10"x10" Spore Stopper filters blocks spores & other airborne particles from contaminating mushroom fruiting chambers 
  • High quality components & consistent, reliable performance

The Walden White 6" Mushroom Ventilation & Air Filtration Kit comes with everything you need to easily setup a clean and healthy growing environment right out of the box including a 6" Inline Fan, six 10"x10" Spore Stopper Filters, 25′ of 6" Aluminum Ducting, two 6" Ducting Clamps and four 1/8" Hydroponic Hangers.

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Featured Review

In part 1 of this series, Lee and Brian of Moto Pizza in Seattle, WA discuss the Active Grow 3-Tier LED Walden Grow Tent designed specifically for growing mushrooms indoors.

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Get Fruiting
Combine the Walden White 6" Mushroom Ventilation & Air Filtration Kit with an Active Grow 3-Tier Walden White Grow Tent and LED mushroom grow lights and get fruiting today!

Smooth Operator
The powerful inline fan provides efficient and quiet 395 CFM airflow at 2400 RPM and <37 dB. The corded multi-speed controller allows growers to manually adjust the fan speed to prevent CObuildup.

Maintain a Healthy Grow Space
The Spore Stopper filters attach easily to the inline fan and block spores and other airborne particles from contaminating fruiting chambers. 

Custom Configurations
The versatile inline fan, Spore Stopper filter and ducting can be configured to create either a positive or negative pressure system. The fully adjustable and auto-locking hydroponic hangers can support up to 150 lbs/pair.


6" Inline Fan

  • 70W / 120V
  • 395 CFM / 2400 RPM
  • Corded multi-speed controller
  • Silent operation <37 dB
  • 6" aperture - 11.6"(l) x 9"(w) x 8.9"(h)
  • 1-year warranty

10"x10" Spore Stopper Filters

  • Blocks spores and other airborne particles (6pcs)
  • Attaches easily to the inline fan using provided ducting clamp
  • Made from eco-friendly PET fibers
  • 3mm thickness
  • Replace after each fruiting cycle

6" Ducting & Clamps

  • High-quality flexible aluminum
  • Corrosion & heat resistant
  • Reinforced steel-wire design
  • Stainless steel 6" ducting clamps (2pcs)
  • 6"(d) x 25(l)

1/8" Hydroponic Hangers

  • Heavy duty 1/8" braided rope with carabiner and ratchet (4pcs)
  • Fully adjustable and auto locking
  • Supports up to 150 lbs/pair
  • Designed to hang lighting, fan, filter, etc.

Grower Product Review

In part 2 of this series, Lee and Brian of Moto Pizza in Seattle, WA focus on the lighting aspect of mushroom growing and benefits of using the proper lighting spectrum for the fruiting stage of mushroom growth.

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