Active grow 4x4 walden white grow tent side open.
Active grow 4x4 walden white grow tent features.
Active grow walden white grow tent know before you grow.
Active grow 4x4 walden white grow tent side closed.
Active grow 4x4 walden white grow tent front windows open.
4′x4′ Walden White Grow Tent
Active grow 4x4 2x4 walden white grow tent bucket company cannabis.
Active grow 4x4 2x4 walden white grow tent cannabis.
Active grow 4x4 2x4 walden white grow tent indoor cannabis grow.
Active grow 4x4 2x4 walden white grow tent racks carnivorous plants.

4′x4′ Walden White Grow Tent

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Bring nature indoors with Walden Grow Tents designed for growing & enjoying the garden of your dreams

  • EcoWhite interior vinyl is 10% more reflective than mylar
  • Non-toxic 100% PEVA materials are safe for plants, mushrooms & people
  • Large Infinity View windows make appreciating & inspecting a breeze
  • Easy to clean interior keeps contaminants out
  • Inviting all white design complements any space
  • Smart port placement for ventilation, irrigation & power cords
  • Rollup side doors for easy garden management
  • Light-blocking zipper covers prevent any light leakage

Each 4′x4′ Walden White Grow Tent comes with five 8″ ducting ports, two 4″ electrical ports, three roll-up mesh air vents, two fan/filter straps, a mesh tool bag, a removable spill tray and installation guide.

Installation is quick, simple and requires no tools. View the 4′x4′ WALDEN WHITE GROW TENT INSTALLATION GUIDE.

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Active Grow proudly participates in the 1% for the Planet® program and donates 1% of all annual sales to organizations that promote sustainable agricultural practices.  

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Learn about the 4′x4′ and 2′x4′ Walden White Grow Tents and how to make a complete setup using Active Grow LED grow lights and ventilation kits.

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Combine the 4′x4 Walden White Grow Tent with an Active Grow LED grow light and the 6 Ventilation Kit and get growing today!

EcoWhite PEVA – Triple Layered 
All Walden Grow Tents are manufactured using industrial-strength zippers and 100% EcoWhite PEVA material. The toxin-free material creates a safe, stylish and easy to clean growing area that keeps insects and other pests out. The triple-layer design is composed of a 600D canvas exterior, a vinyl light-blocking center and a white vinyl interior that is 10% more reflective than even the most reflective mylar tents.

Double-wide Front / Easy Access Side Doors
Double-wide front doors allow growers easy access to plants or to put them on full display. Large rollup side doors let growers access harder to reach areas.

Infinity View Front Windows
Extra-large front viewing windows (18x31) let growers check on plants without disturbing humidity or temperature. Window covers roll back and secure with velcro straps.

Light-blocking Zipper Covers
Each tent comes with two large light-blocking zipper covers to prevent light leakage at zipper junctions.

Solid Locking Frame
Setup is quick and simple with the tent’s solid locking metal frame, sturdy connector pieces and tool-less installation. Roof support poles can hold up to 110 lbs.

2-year Warranty
All tents come with an industry-leading 2-year warranty.

  • Model number: AG/44TENT/W
  • Color: EcoWhite
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 47.24x47.24x78.74 (120x120x200cm)
  • Weight: 29.76 lbs (13.5 kg)
  • Tent material: Triple-layered 100% PEVA & toxin-free (Exterior 600D canvas / Center light-blocking vinyl / Interior reflective vinyl)
  • Pole diameter: 0.63 (16mm)
  • Pole material: White powder coated steel
  • Max load capacity: 110 lbs
  • Doors: 2 main front doors / 2 side access doors
  • Windows: 2@18x31 (45.72x78.74cm)
  • Ducting ports: 5@8 (20.32cm)
  • Electrical ports: 2@4 (10.16cm)
  • Vents: 3@13x5.75 (33.02x14.61cm)
  • Light-blocking zipper covers: 2
  • Recommended pot quantity: 6x3 gallon pots / 4x5 gallon pots
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Why White PEVA Grow Tents are Better than Mylar - Know Before You Grow

Introducing the revolutionary grow tent material outshining mylar: White PEVA (Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate). This cutting-edge vinyl is proving to be a game changer in creating the ideal controlled environment, surpassing traditional mylar.

Grower Product Review

Indoor pheno hunt using the latest Compound Genetics seeds, Active Grow 4'x4' Walden White Grow Tent and Active Grow LoPro Max LED Luminaire.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best grow tent!

Man I love this tent! the highly reflective peva has allowed me to use less watts, holds Co2 like a champ not sure if I mentioned that in my previous review.

I wanted to leave an updated review of my grow.

I love my Walden grow tent 😍

I love my Walden grow tent.

This grow tent is pretty awesome, as you can see in my expression in my video im super happy with it.

10/10 tent, awesome price. Peva white > Mylar all day.

Lynnette Cooper
Gro tent

Very good quantity
Am pleased with grow tent product

The tent I've been waiting for!

I've been growing carnivorous plants for 20+ years and have often looked at grow tents to see if any could meet my needs. Up until now, the lack of windows has kept me away from tents, as I want the option to show off and view my collection without opening the doors and releasing important heat and humidity. When I saw the Walden, I knew I had to try it.

The Walden 4'x4' has made a perfect home for my plants. The spacious height allows my vining plants the room they need. The waterproofing holds up perfectly against the humid (~90%) environment needed for these tropical plants. The windows are large and bright, and I can still pull them closed on days I need additional heating insulation or to reduce bleed light in the room. I can’t recommend this one enough for those who want to show off their collection while still getting a high quality and durable grow tent. I only wish there was an 8’x4’ option as well!

Joshua dube

Best tent ive used. Big viewing windows are great! Huge side doors on both sides make watering and pruning so easy. You dont have to open whole tent to get to sides. I barely open front doors. Great price. 100$ less than gorilla. Highly recommend giving this tent a try if your tired of unzipping your whole tent to water.


the best. really quality and thoughtful design


I'm on my second run in this tent and it only gets better. Once you get a Walden grow tent you'll never go back. This tent is amazing for a bunch of reasons :
- The material is super high quality. Nice thick walls with a white interior that provide a sleek, clean, and super bright grow space.
- Windows & access spots all around the tent. Well thought out and perfect for hanging all your fans, lights and more! One of my favorite part is the roll up windows on the front that allow you to see in without opening the tent.
- Large smooth zippers that allow opening the doors so easy
- Large thick bottom liner that is super easy to clean
-Fast and simple set up


I recently purchased this 4x4 Walden tent and i couldnt be happier! The design is very thought out and the white interior is just a game changer! It makes everything super bright and makes the light that much more efficient imo. I love my walden tent! And for anyone curious to see it in action feel free to give me a follow on Instagram @Denver__made, i stay killin the game with my active grow gear, no cap

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